Second dog: insertion and jealousy

Second dog: insertion and jealousy

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Second dog, when can it be a pleasure and when an inappropriate choice? We wonder, when we are undecided about a possibility of having two four-legged friends, for a total of 8 legs, with us in everyday life. There is no universally valid answer but it depends from case to case, depending on the circumstances, the character of the dog and our ability to educate and breed it. And also ours possibility to spend because a second dog almost doubles the expense that one alone entails.

Getting a second dog: pros and cons

The pros are many and they go first as perplexities and fears usually prevail. This does not mean that those who do not have a second dog are certainly wrong. Everyone has to make their own assessments. Two dogs keep company when we are absent or if we leave them in the garden a "single dog" risks being spoiled and treated as a child, this happens less in the presence of a second dog.

When it arrives, it can share things that only dogs can share: sniffing, digging holes in the garden, sniffing the B-side of other dogs on the street, gnawing a bone together and barking at the moon or at a passing stranger. Having said that, I understand well that two dogs involve more expenses, more space, more time and also a little patience to be educated to coexistence which is not always obvious.

Second puppy dog

When the second dog is a puppy it is necessary to be very careful not to fall into classic mistakes, predictable and imaginable but not always avoidable. He can come spontaneous defend the little one, when they argue good-naturedly, but I assure you that, as in my case, it is the most puppy that provokes. Sometimes nibbling, cutting off the road, stealing cookies or the place in the shade to the largest.

Dogs they have their own codes and intervening by scolding the adult automatically, can disturb a balance that we had not seen but which allowed a lively but positive coexistence. Often it is better to let them do it without getting in the way, and ignoring the puppy who hopes that, given his young age, reason is always on his side.

Second dog: jealousy

The arrival of a second dog can arouse a feeling of jealousy in the one already in our company, of course. We can try to mitigate the impact but let's take it into account. Jealousy in emotional relationships there is and is not always something negative, even between dogs or between dog and man, can crop up. It must be managed best so that no one is hurt more than necessary. For don't make our first dog feel betrayed, let's not introduce the second dog in the house by surprise.

It is better to combine a meeting on a neutral field, as relaxing and fun as possible, and then go home together after hours spent playing and…. here - dog number 1 will think, my friend comes to live with me. A clever trick, a "lie" told for the good of all.

Second dog: male or female

The second dog is better it be female if the first is male. Conversely, it is better to be male if the former is female. In short, what is recommended is to bring together dogs of the opposite sex to avoid complications. For many races with a peaceful dispositionactually, the question of sex takes a back seat and we can also choose to raise two males together.

Second dog: insertion

After the farce of the "random" encounter with the second dog, it is important that both animals have their own defined spaces during insertion and that they do not have to fight for the kennel, the bowl, the toy or the place on the carpet at our feet, provided they can fit. The rule of "either both or neither" always applies, obvious, and for the bowl you can also equip yourself by purchasing online models already for the second dog on arrival.

At 13 euros on Amazon you can buy a set of bowls for with bowl lifter in galvanized iron complete with feet that can be adjusted in height. Great for small and medium-large pets and which also has a space for water.

Second dog: how to choose

Choosing the second dog is important and in doing so it is necessary take into account the size, character, breed (or the mix of races) and also the space that we can make available to the two friends. There are breeds like the Labrador, the Bolognese and other good dogs, which almost guarantee a peaceful coexistence, others instead that it is better to exclude a priori if we hope to take a second dog after the first.

Better to ask a veterinarian and a breeder for advice if the dog comes from a breeding, making it clear immediately that the dog we are taking will have to coexist with another similar.

Second dog: tips

Separate bowls, kennel or common but large or two separate, toys and double leashes and cuddles for all shared equally. Whether there is a shorter or smaller dog, another more arrogant and cuddly, we must try to be superpartes by intervening as little as possible in canine diatribes. If they often know how to get by on their own and humans have no way of understanding what is happening, an intervention from above and on the spot is often harmful.

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