Mobike free-flow bike sharing in Florence and Milan

Mobike free-flow bike sharing in Florence and Milan

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Free flow bike sharing, not "anarchist", as one might think, nor in Joyce's way as a stream of consciousness not always easy to follow. THEMobike's free-flowing bike sharing is a much more pragmatic and concrete initiative, and above all it is also a reality in Italy, finally. First Florence, then Milan, and gradually - hopefully - in other areas. We begin to understand what it is and how it can change our lives.

Free Flow Bike Sharing: What It Means

It arrives thanks to the Chinese Mobike and is managed by a fully automated system based on a free smartphone app which, thanks to GPS, allows us to see the bikes available and to book them, and then unlock them when we get on the saddle. It goes without saying that, at the end of use, we can block them again, always with the same app, always in a very practical and fast way.

It is not a free service, free flow Bike sharing, and not even the "traditional" one, but to pay, with Mobike, you can use the app through which we can report faults and malfunctions.

Mobike in Florence and Milan

First in Florence, on August 2nd, then free-flow Bike sharing in Milan has left and is catching on! In the Lombard capital, large numbers have already been announced: 12 thousand new bicycles with apps and gps, ready to be borrowed and then left to the future user where we want, from time to time.

Here is the road test of the Mobike bike sharing carried out in Milan by our managing Director Matteo Di Felice, with photos and hot impressions.

With Mobike bicycles are made available without stall, in particular it is the city of Milan that wants to bet on this upgrade of bike sharing, a service already present for years and appreciated by citizens (and short-haul commuters), so much so that Bikemi, already has over 60,000 subscribers a year with a daily record of withdrawals just recorded, in April 2017, of almost 24 thousand.

Beyond the air of innovation and respect for the environment, that a service like the Free flow bike sharing door to town, it also goes to solve the car number problem, definitely to be reduced. With the comings and goings in Milan, "there are always too many" one would think. So welcome this free-flowing Bike sharing that can only expand the users of bike sharing.

Mobike: Chinese start up

She is not the only one to propose it, but she was certainly among the first to do so. It is the Chinese startup Mobike which has also managed to arrive in Italy with an app also considered at home one of the coolest and which certainly favored the bike sharing boom among the Chinese too. We hope it will have the same effect in Florence and Milan as well.

In the world, from China but also from other countries, they are, however spreading free-flow Bike sharing models that are very different from each other in terms of performance and prices, it may therefore be that the competition will soon arrive. Mobike, in China, just one year after its integration with We Chat, registered 24 million new users, offers bikes with an excellent design in aluminum and equipped with basket and adjustable leather saddle, equipped with gps, sim card and smart lock patented that is unlocked / locked via the app.

Free flow bike sharing: benefits and risks

The risks of a service like this are to be detected in the field. They are partly related to malfunctions or unforeseen events concerning all "innovative" initiatives and that need well-functioning devices and networks. There might be a "flow" problem, given that it is "free", but one imagines that consistent studies have been carried out on it.

Turning to the benefits, Mobike for prevent theft and damage has made sure that none of the Mobike components can be used on other bicycles. If someone tries to take the entire bike away directly, they must know it is traceable with GPS and equipped with anti-theft. When we find ourselves using one of these bikes, approved and insured, if we happen to find breakdowns and malfunctions, we can report it reporting the identification number of the bike and the description of the problem, via app.

Free flow bike sharing: costs

In this launch phase, between Milan and Florence, the rates are promotional. That base for a period of 30 minutes it is 30 cents, it will then reach 50, while the deposit is 1 euro, but it will become 50 euro. However, those who intend to use the free-flow Bike sharing service regularly, will be able to subscribe thanks to monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and annual formulas. Those who damage or misuse the bikes will be penalized initially, and then their subscription will be canceled.

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