Tired eyes: natural remedies

Tired eyes: natural remedies

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Tired eyes, it happens frequently to have them, especially since they pass many hours in front of the screens. That of TV, but above all that of PCs or smartphones, to which tablets are added. Tired eyes can be annoying, cause headaches, insomnia, nausea. In the long run, while not a serious illness, they can make us live badly. We too tired, together with the eyes, of not feeling in good shape. Let's see how it is possible to remedy and research the causes of this discomfort.

Tired eyes: symptoms

When people say that they have tired eyes, they usually feel itchy or sting, red eyes and a heavy sensation in the eyes. Sometimes the disorder is associated with dry eyes but the opposite can also happen, that is to have tired eyes and excessive tearing. The light that is too strong starts to annoy those with tired eyes, it can also happen that the view is blurred or double and let the headache come too.

Tired eyes: causes

We talked about excessive use of PCs and smartphones, and it is true that in the era of agile and telematic work, abundant use is made of these devices, but this is not the only possible cause.

Even contact lenses, for example, if used always and perhaps with some distraction on schedules and cleaning operations, can give a sfeeling of tired eyes. Another possible cause is prolonged exposure to excessive light.

Tired eyes: natural remedies

There are numerous natural remedies, and grandmother, to relieve the discomfort you feel when you have tired eyes. There chamomile, with compresses and creams, is an excellent remedy as are cucumbers, to be placed on the eyes for a few minutes so that they can act on the affected area. An alternative is the Palming for eyes

For tired eye packs there are many options. Black tea, for example, it can be an alternative to chamomile, and we can also start preparing egg white compresses. Like herbs, there is euphrasia which has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, there are also preparations based on cornflower around.

Tired eye drops

It is natural to think about using eye drops if you hear about tired eyes and it is actually one of the most logical and effective solutions. They also exist many natural eye drops that can help especially in case of dry eyes. The most common are based on Altea, Chamomile, Euphrasia, Cornflower and Fennel. Before buying one, it is best to find out don't be intolerant or allergic to one of the ingredients contained. There are quality eye drops online too, on Amazon.

Tired eyes and headache

There is often a link between eye or vision problems, or in generalsensory organsand headache. In our case we have confirmation, especially if they are due to a lack of rest or to tiredness due to intense study activity.

Tired and swollen eyes

Especially in the case of allergies, the eyes when they are tired, they are also swollen. In this case, there is little need to rest enough or improve the conditions of the work environment, but more than anything else it is necessary to understand what we are allergic to and how to protect ourselves.

Makeup and tired eyes

If we make up our eyes with a certain product, we notice a continuation feeling of discomfort, better investigate the chemical composition of the makeup used. This makes us understand how important it is to buy quality cosmetic products that may cost a little more but save us from hassle.

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