Shiny rice: brands and what it is

Shiny rice: brands and what it is

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Polished rice, a type of rice treated in such a way that it shines. It has the characteristics of rice, therefore it remains a cereal of the family of grasses, but each variety and quality, including the polished one, has specific properties and often also a distinguishable taste. Let's see why to choose, or why not to choose, the polished rice.

Shiny rice: what it is

This polished rice, said Oryza sativa, is a species belonging to the Poaceae family, so called because it is the result of a series of treatments specifically carried out to increase the brilliance.

The raw rice is collected, then cleaned, dried and removed from the outer layers to obtain brown rice. At this point it is necessary to proceed with the whitening that eliminates the fibers and the germ of rice, as well as the farinaccio. In order to talk about polished rice, there is still one step to take: the grains go sprinkled with glucose oleate.

Polished rice: brands

Today almost all brands of rice have the "polished" version even if more and more often integral, paraboiled or other ones are chosen. The fact that it shone suggests a surplus of treatments which could compromise the characteristics of this precious cereal.

Unpolished rice

Rice not shined it is the one that does not undergo the treatment we have described, we stop at a couple of steps before. There are no medical reasons for not eating polished rice that we can appeal to, in general, because it does not appear that it has interactions with the intake of drugs or other substances. Moreover, it is available on the market all year round, but with this, we are free to choose to eat unpolished rice.

Shiny rice: where to buy

Rice, polished or otherwise, can be purchased almost anywhere, being a natural diet food, highly digestible, rich in proteins and essential acids. When we buy the polished, it is good to know that it does not have the same cooking time as brown rice, the former is faster than the latter and also requires less water.

Shiny rice Scotti

Scotti rice, polished, is one of the best known as a brand and can be a ingredient in many recipes, as in that of the classic risotto with peas, ready in less than half an hour, or the more exotic banana fixes and cinnamon with toasted pine nuts, to be prepared in 35 minutes.

In a pound of raw polished rice there are 332 calories, 91% are carbohydrates, 8% proteins, the remaining 1% are lipids. Compared to brown rice, brillato has different nutritional characteristics, it has fewer vitamins, fibers, minerals and acids because they are largely eliminated in the refining process. Iron, calcium, phosphorus and fibers are almost double in the integral than in the polished which almost does not contain vitamin E and silicon. On the other hand, polished rice is less perishable because it has fewer unsaturated fatty acids.

Polished or parboiled rice

The Parboiled rice, together with wholemeal, it is preferred by those who do not want to eat overly processed grains. Indeed the proceedings of whitening and polishing deprive them of various nutritional qualities which can be valuable to our health. In addition, the grains, to be shiny and shiny, are surface treated with glucose or an oiling with vaseline oil.

Qualitatively, parboiled is a rice similar to wholemeal but it has an amber color, a sign of a process that allows it to keep its nutritional properties practically intact. Rice parboiled does not overcook, it is therefore often preferred to polished and integral for those who do not want risks in the kitchen.

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