What type of wood stoves to buy, Ecodesign 2022 or traditional

What type of wood stoves to buy, Ecodesign 2022 or traditional

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What kind of wood stoves to buy, Ecodesign 2022 or traditional, It is a question that many private citizens ask themselves, taking into account that the European regulations are not yet in force, there is at least the entire year 2021 for its entry into force in 2022 and it is not ruled out that, in this period of time that remains for its implementation, changes may arise that imply new requirements so far not contemplated in the European Union.

Wood stoves there is something for all tastes and preferences. But there are manufacturers that are 100 percent up to date to meet all current and future environmental and sustainability requirements.

All new models of the Baker wood stoves, for example, are adapted to the regulations Ecodesign 2022, anticipating the new regulations and preparing its transition, developing more efficient and ecological models than the traditional ones.

Signature Baker has a wide catalog of wood stoves modern, traditional, for corner, ovens, classic, metal fireplaces, round, inserts (that is, insertable) and hearths.

Traditional bakery stoves

The Baker wood stoves can be classified into two large groups: Baker Ecodesign and the Traditional Bakery wood stoves.

Tradition. The latter can be classified into traditional (Castilla, Nimes, Gothic, Orleans models and so on up to fifteen different models), preferred by many because they are timeless and their appeal has not diminished with the times. There are also the corner wood stoves, They feature a design conceived to fit into a corner of a room and meet the highest standards of design and technology in high quality steel. Its combustion system offers optimum efficiency, low emissions and maximum heating capacity.

In this group of Tradition Baker wood stoves there are also the round stoves and the metal chimneys.

Ecodesign Bakery Stoves

There are four main types of Baker Ecodesign stoves, what are the Modern, the Classics, he Oven and the Inserts and Homes.

In the kind of Modern stoves there are up to twenty-eight different models. They are recommended for those who want to have a stove with a modern aesthetic in an important living space. They comply with ISO 9001 certified standards and are in accordance with the new EcoDiseƱo 2022 standard. freestanding wood stoves, not to be installed on a wall.

Wood stoves with oven They have a centuries-old tradition - They provide the same off-grid cooking and heating, but with better efficiency levels and a new style. They meet the standards of ECODESIGN 2022 and combine clean combustion technology with modern design.

The Panadero wood burning stoves provide efficiency, comfort and warmth to the home. They offer the most advanced technology and style.

Panadero has a select catalog of cassette-type wood fireplaces, designed to be placed or embedded within a wall and wood-burning insertable stoves, with which less wood is burned and more heat is obtained, with the beauty of a real wood fire.

A tradition of more than five generations

The family Baker, from Albacete, has been linked to the world of metallurgy for more than five generations. In 1952, Sebastian BakerAt the age of seventeen, he orients his recently deceased father's workshop to the manufacture of stoves.

In the year 2000 Sebastian is retiring and his son Michael take over. The company is launched for export to France, Belgium, Italy, Portugal, Germany and thus up to twenty-seven countries. In 2009 the company unifies its production and storage centers and is equipped with the latest technological advances.

In 2017, the company was ahead of the times and developed cutting-edge models that comply with the new European EcoDesign 2022 regulations, which represents an evolutionary leap in the conception of stoves, as appliances with much higher performance than those existing until then and some minimal emissions, so that respect for the environment is one of the guiding vectors of these stoves. Additionally, they are watertight models, which incorporate an external air intake. Its energy rating is one of the highest (A / A +) and its warranty period is extended to five years.

By Gaia Vercelli

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