What are Arropes and how to prepare them

What are Arropes and how to prepare them

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We are convinced that food is your medicine and vice versa. And we have current proof of it ...

Syrup is a product where the medicinal and the food are fused, absolutely indivisible. It is a natural way to prepare sweet and syrup, all together for the same price: you can put a spoonful on toast or take it directly on your throat when it is inflamed.

In South America it is traditional to prepare it from wild fruits, generally native, which combine spectacular effects for the respiratory system. Any ideas? Algarrobo, mistol, chañar,
fig, tuna. Soon we will see the recipe that I make, precisely with the prickly pear, which is the fruit that comes from a cactus that is incredibly easy to find throughout Latin America. In Mexico it is consumed until
fed up, it's the famous nopal! In this case we will use its ripe fruits, when they are red. You have to be careful and handle them with the help of gloves or a cloth, as they are covered with tiny thorns.

How to prepare syrup of tunas

Every 1kg of prickly pears, 1 cup of water.
To achieve a nice amount of syrup, use between 2 and 3 kg of prickly pears.

Attention! Many internet pages give the recipe for syrup with sugar. Both the syrup of tuna and that of chañar or algarroba, etc. THEY DO NOT TAKE SUGAR.


Remove the thorns from the prickly pears by rubbing the surface with a cloth or the reverse side of the edge of a knife. Watch out! they are very treacherous and at a slight touch they can already be felt.
Wash them well.
Cut them in half without peeling them and crumble them with your hands, put them in a pot over a very low heat to release the juice, for a time of two to three hours, stirring regularly.
Another option is to peel them and cut them into small cubes.
When the tunas are well disarmed, pass everything through a sieve or canvas to completely extract the juice. This same liquid is cooked over a low heat, foaming the impurities continuously, until it gets dark and acquires the consistency of syrup or jelly. It is kept in glass containers or in
fired clay pots.

If you want to make syrup with fruits that have little juice, such as mistol or carob, the procedure is similar, except that the fruit is boiled for 5 or 10 minutes to soften them. It is ground in the mortar and water is added to it. Strain it and the collected juice is brought to a simmer, the time necessary until it is brown and thick.

How is it consumed for medicinal use?

Good question. Syrup is consumed as if it were a syrup: spoonfuls, in case of cough, flu, cold, sore throat, bronchial or pneumonia. It can be consumed both 1 tablespoon every 8 hours
like 1 tablespoon every 2 hours, depending on the severity of the case. Children can take this remedy, which is very beneficial to accompany them in the disease.

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