Robots that help at home

Robots that help at home

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Many household chores such as cooking or cleaning have historically been handmade, each in its own way and in its own time reproducing the recipes of the grandmother or the teachings of the parents. However, some household chores get repetitive, monotonous, and quite tedious. For them, the time has come to have advanced technological devices such as "robots".

Now we have the possibility of having a series of these devices that can help us a lot at home. There are robots to clean the floor, different models of lawnmower robots, others to clean the pool, robots for safety, to help us take care of our children or the elderly, and some simply designed to make life a little more comfortable or entertaining.

Many of us grew up seeing the incredible potential of robots in movies and television. The robots showed us the brightest of the future. Well, apparently that future has arrived. Robots finally coexist with humans. Here we will see some small robots that you could have in your home sooner than you think.

Robotic lawnmowers

These famous robots have gained the attention of many people around the world thanks to the fact that they are able to leave your garden impeccable, without having to spend a minimum of your energy.

These robots are guided by a limiting cable that we must install. This cable will indicate the perimeter to mow, so we will not have to worry about much more. Only that the cable is secure. As for the motor, they are recharged with electricity so the only thing you will have to worry about is having a plug nearby.

One of the best aspects of this type of robot is that it can handle any type of grass due to the power of its blades, so if you have grass in your garden, don't worry because it will do the job without any problem.

Security robots

An adorable little robot, it can keep an eye on your kids like a babysitter and even watch over your place while you're away. Among their characteristics they combine company, entertainment and utility.

One of these adorable home robots could add a spark to your home life. Although they do not usually do housework, they can help you easily monitor your children and the whole house through their cameras with internet connection.

They play music, podcast, and can read e-books, as well as reminding you to turn off the oven and avoid burning a delicious dinner.

These family robots are designed to make their interaction with humans as natural and intuitive as possible.

Cleaning robots, vacuum cleaner and mop

Robot vacuum cleaners have come a long way in recent times. In addition to having achieved a much more accessible price, they offer high performance. You just have to press a button and it will start vacuuming hard floors, carpets and all kinds of surfaces while detecting the most dirty areas with its sensors to emphasize them.

These types of robots move automatically to clean under and around furniture and even corners. A wonder for people who want a break from sweeping.

An almost magical mop

A self-contained mop might be all you need to keep your floor clean and shiny. They clean all types of floors such as parquet, tiles and marble, while capturing hair, lint and dust.

They detect all kinds of obstacles pretty well, and avoid them while cleaning every edge and corner.

A robot in your pool

Pool cleaning robots are smart and autonomous. A robot cleaner will clean and filter your pool surfaces and retain accumulated dirt in a dirt bag that can be easily emptied.

These robots are designed to keep your pool clean on its own, without you having to spend your precious time on this task that is often quite cumbersome and definitely not friendly to your back. While the robot takes care of your pool, you can do anything else, like spend time with your family and friends. The on-board computer of these good friends, is powered by a connected electrical cable and manages the cleaning pump and the motors of the unit through the process of jet propulsion.

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