Released circus lions meet nature for the first time

Released circus lions meet nature for the first time

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The animals were exploited from puppies for eight years in a circus in Guatemala. The reaction of the animals was surprising.

The experts affirmed that both managed to endure abuse for eight years for the simple reason of having formed an inseparable pair, taking care of each other and keeping company. Later, they obtained their deserved freedom.

The images of the viral YouTube video have moved thousands of users, because once they stepped on the grass after being locked up, they starred in a moving scene.

Thanks to the intervention of the animal rights and environmental organization ADI (Animal International), they managed to free the animals that were in the circus. "Clearly, these two lions went through a great trauma and now that they made it out of their circus cages, they have their whole lives ahead of them.”, Said one of the members of the foundation.

Fortunately, this animal and environmental organization was willing to fight to make this lifestyle imposed by the circus end completely for this couple of lions.

The ADI (Animal International) foundation was the 'heroin' organization for these animals. They were in charge of facing the owners of the circus, demanding the release of two lions and 7 tigers that would have spent years and years performing shows.

Fortunately in Africa there are sanctuaries that welcome these types of animals that have suffered human abuse.

After a long process of paperwork and after having gone through the justice of the country, these animals were transferred to a local Zoo to be examined physically and psychologically.

After this, the lions were ready to get on a plane that would take them to the other side of the world.

After the long journey, the lions would finally be free

The day was quite sunny, the temperature was perfect. So the time came. The caretakers of the place opened the doors of the cages, and finally freedom came to Tarzan and Tanya.

Tarzan looked a bit shocked, he went all over the area before relaxing. We had to get Tanya out really fast so they could be together”, Affirmed those in charge of the ADI.

After relaxing and connecting with the environment, these lions finally knew what freedom meant.

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