These are the foods that should not be missing in the kitchen of a vegetarian

These are the foods that should not be missing in the kitchen of a vegetarian

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Eating a truly nutritious vegetarian diet is sometimes not easy. That is why here we share with you from A to Z, the foods that you cannot miss to achieve a good diet without meat.

Agar agar: It is a mixture of algae, it is used as a thickener or gelling agent instead of the traditional gelatin that has traces of bones. It is colorless and tasteless and, unlike the so-called fishtail, it is also thick when hot. To prepare it, soak it for 10 minutes (in salads) or cook it for 10 minutes to make gelatin.

Carob: fruit of the carob tree, there are two types of white or purple / black pods. Its seeds contain a very sweet gummy substance, which is used as a substitute for chocolate. You can also find it in powder like cocoa. As a curiosity, its seeds are so homogeneous in size and number that they are the origin of the "carat" measure used in jewelry.

Algae: known as sea vegetables provide a large amount of nutrients, they are rich in protein, calcium and iodine. They are low in calories, cleansing and help regulate cholesterol.

Vegetable drinks:They do not contain lactose, are low in fat, provide vitamin B and a balanced ratio between sodium and potassium. The 5 best known are soybeans, oats, almonds, rice, and walnuts.

Gluten: It is the protein of rainfed cereals (wheat, oats, barley and rye). It is used to give viscosity, thicken and give volume to sauces or batters.

Gomasio:Known as sesame salt, it is used as a seasoning with a delicious nutty flavor. Enriches foods in minerals, unsaturated fatty acids, lecithin, vitamins and proteins. It is easy to digest, improves circulation and intestinal transit.

Beer yeast: Super source of nutrients, it is a type of fungus that ferments malt. It does not contain sugar, lactose, or gluten, just protein. You can buy it in flakes (salads or on purees) or in powder to add to drinks. Improves the strength of skin, hair and nails and regulates intestinal transit.

Son:It is a very interesting cereal because it does not contain gluten. It provides a lot of fiber so it is very interesting to regulate constipation and helps regulate glucose, cholesterol and triglyceride levels. It provides magnesium and vitamins of group B, so it improves the functioning of the nervous system, also prevents muscle cramps. Due to its contribution of phosphorus, it improves memory and strengthens bones and teeth. Due to its contribution of iron, it improves anemia. Due to its zinc, iodine and vitamin E content, it activates the defenses.

Miso:is a fermented soy seasoning appreciated for its flavor and its virtues. Provides calcium, isoflavones, minerals (iron) and antioxidants that promote the elimination of free radicals. It is sold refrigerated. It is used in multiple preparations (soups, salads, vegetables, pâté ...). It is better not to boil it as it loses properties.

Panela: Its origin is sugar cane, it is a sweetener with a taste similar to brown sugar. You can dissolve it in water and a little lemon. Unlike sugar, it is a food in itself, since it provides mineral salts, vitamins and protein.

Polenta:it is a preparation of the coarser cornmeal. It is used both in salty and sweet.

Wheat bran: in powder or flakes, it is obtained from the outer part of wheat, it is rich in iron, potassium (promotes circulation), zinc (stimulates defenses and regulates appetite), fiber (satiating and improves constipation), phosphorus and vitamins. You can take it in milk, yogurt, fruit salad, fruit smoothies, homemade desserts ...

Agave Syrup: It is a natural sweetener that comes from the same cactus from which tequila is extracted, it does not cause cavities. It is marketed in a honey-type format and is great for sweetening your recipes for vegetarian cuisine.

Stevia:It is a sweetener from an 80 cm bush, the sweetest part is the leaves. It provides very few calories as it is low in carbohydrates, is indicated for diabetics and does not cause cavities. You can find it in various presentations (powder, tablets or liquid) and it resists oven temperatures so you can use it for your recipes.

Textured soybeans:It comes in different formats, in flakes or large pieces. It comes dehydrated, has a neutral flavor and a texture similar to meat. It is convenient to mix it with vegetables or spices to give it flavor. 53% protein content.

Tahini: It is a cream made from sesame (sesame), rich in calcium and iron. It is used to make Hummus, also as a sauce adding lemon juice and optionally garlic, or to take with bread as a substitute for butter or margarine.

Tamari:It is a sauce derived from soy, it only contains soy, water and salt, which differentiates it from soy sauce that always has wheat. It has a stronger flavor than soybeans and a few drops arrive, it pairs better with meat and fish than with vegetables. Add a few drops to tea to combat casancio as it alkalizes the blood pH, has a remineralizing effect and facilitates digestion.

Tempeh: It is a fermentation of soybeans, produced by the klebsiella bacteria. In this fermentation vitamin B12 is produced. Contains more fiber than tofu. Protein content of 19.5%. Its flavor is strong. A variant is Natto, produced by other bacteria.

Tofu: Also known as tofu, it is a product derived from soybeans. Rich in protein (15%), calcium and minerals. Provides less cholesterol than meat. It can be used fresh or cooked with vegetables and spices. It has a delicate flavor and is usually presented in cubes.

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