A homemade bread that does not age and made with potatoes

A homemade bread that does not age and made with potatoes

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This is a homemade bread recipe with a special ingredient, the potato. Does not get old? Well, here we will give you that answer.

For those who do not know, potato bread is a type of bread in which potato replaces wheat flour. There are several ways to cook it: in addition to the oven, you can use a pan or grill. It also has the peculiarity that some make it with yeast and others do not, and their ingredients may vary.


For a 150gr potato bread

  • 1 potato of 130-150 g
  • 250 g. milk
  • 10 g. fresh yeast
  • 50 g. of sugar
  • 500 g. flour 000
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 50 g. butter
  • Poppy seeds

How to make potato bread

  1. The first thing we will need is a small potato, weighing between 130 and 150 gr. Without peeling it, we are going to wash it well and place it in a pot with water, bringing it to a boil until it is cooked. When it is well cooked, let it cool and peel.
  2. In another pot we are going to put 350 g. milk to boil. Once it boils we keep it over medium heat for 1 minute without stopping stirring. Once the minute of boiling has passed, we turn off the heat and let it rest until the milk is warm.
  3. Place the milk in a bowl or tupperware and add the yeast into small pieces that we break up with our hands. We are also going to add 20 g. of sugar. Stir for a few minutes until the yeast, sugar and milk are well integrated. Once that happens we cover the container with a cloth and let it rest for half an hour.
  4. Meanwhile in another container we place the 500 g. of flour mixed with 30 g. of sugar and the teaspoon of salt. Now we are going to grate the potato on top of the flour.
  5. Add the yeast milk to the flour bowl. If you wear rings, this is the time to take them off! Why? Because you have to put your hands in the bowl and start mixing and mixing until a dough forms.
  6. When the dough is more or less united we take it to the counter and we are going to knead for 15 minutes It is important for this potato bread to be tender that we knead it for 15 minutes with patience and love.
  7. Once we have a very uniform dough we are going to add half of the butter (25 g.) Well ointment and continue kneading again until the butter is perfectly united with the dough. When you put the butter, it will seem that the dough falls apart: do not make any problems that in the end it will look good.
  8. When the butter finishes integrating, we add the other half of the butter (25. g more) pomade and we will knead for 10 more minutes until it is perfectly united and the dough does not stick to your hands or to the counter.
  9. The trick: now we are going to use the French kneading. Basically the French kneading consists of opening the dough and putting it back together, but it is very difficult to explain in writing. I recommend that you watch the video for this point, since applying this kneading for 5 minutes the bread will be incredible!
  10. Let the dough rise until it doubles or triples in size, in a warm place free from drafts (similar to when we let any bread rise).
  11. Peel the dough out of the bowl and carefully place it on the counter. Knead again French style for 5 more minutes. I made two different buns because with these amounts I made two loaves, if you want a single large loaf, don't divide it.
  12. Assemble the loaves with your hands forming two neat buns (or whatever you want). Place the dough in a baking dish and cover again with a cloth, waiting until they double in volume (approximately 1 hour).
  13. Meanwhile, when it takes half an hour for the dough to rise, preheat the oven to 200º: it is very important that it is well reheated.
  14. Paint the dough with a little water and sprinkle with the poppy seeds. The water is just for the seeds to stick to the bread, so they just have to add a little bit to make it moisten.
  15. Bake for 30-35 minutes until they look golden brown. Ready!

Video: Potato Bread soft u0026 fluffy 土豆麵包. Apron (February 2023).