“Tierra Negra” - Journal of Agroecology

“Tierra Negra” - Journal of Agroecology

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Tierra Negra is a magazine that aims to connect and stimulate experiences in the construction of agroecology. Popular communication for agroecology and food sovereignty.

This is your vision

“Generate conditions at all levels so that, like our grandmothers, we can start the garden that fills plates and hearts; connect and strengthen production and consumption networks; be transmitters of ideas and provocateurs of initiatives; spread love for the land and concern for creation and beauty more than for the recipe; recover the possibility of managing and building knowledge, making knowledge available.

Strengthen the bond between those of us who believe that the need to generate something new must end the values ​​of the old and that the possibility of doing so is within us.

It is a matter of starting, of regenerating the BLACK EARTH again ”.

Autumn edition, open and free

The new edition, to share in times of change

Because we believe that this moment is a real opportunity, we contribute our handful of earth to create options that the system is not capable of producing.


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