Tutorial to make an instant Rocket Kitchen

Tutorial to make an instant Rocket Kitchen

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Hello Permaprendiz, this time I bring you a Rocket Kitchen tutorial step by step and I explain absolutely EVERYTHING, I did not have anything left out, it is more if you skip some parts you will miss countless tricks and details that will make a difference and that is an excellent introduction to Bio-Construction so I recommend it.

Take a perma-learner notepad, use the pause button as many times as necessary and watch it again as many times as you want, this is only for those who like to learn and have fun.

I assure you that you will be able to make this stove or kitchen with whoever you want and its uses and improvements are only limited by your imagination (you can use a pot, griddles, pans, whatever you want ...), I also put a lot of emphasis on safety issues because they are not minor issues.

With all my heart I hope they know how to take advantage and that they replicate it in their vacations and outdoor spaces, they will thank me.

PS: Get in the trunk of the car 😉

Video: BUILDING a BRICK ROCKET STOVE and a TEST TRIAL with a COOKUP!! Bottled rabbit, tea DIY Project (February 2023).