7 uses of plastic bottles in the garden

7 uses of plastic bottles in the garden

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There are many things that can be made from plastic bottles. You do not need many elements and they really are a contribution to keep our plants growing healthy.

Protective strips

If we cut the bottles into strips, these can then be used for several things, including avoiding the entry of slugs and snails, since they do not like to go through sharp areas and, if we apply any compost or fertilizer, we will ensure that it stays close to our plants for longer.

Germinator and container

We will cut the base of two identical bottles, then we fit them and voila, we will have a wonderful totally hermetic container. In addition, it can be very useful if we want to use it as a germinator because it maintains temperature and humidity by condensation.

Drip irrigation

To make it, we will cut a small window in a bottle and we will respect the base of the bottle, which will act as a ceiling. In the lid we will make a few very small holes so that they act as a drip so, whenever the soil loses moisture, you can take it from the bottle.

A shower cabin

Making a watering can with a plastic bottle is the easiest thing in the world and, in addition, we will save some money since, thanks to this trick, we will not have to buy one. To make our watering can, we will simply make some holes in the cap of the bottle.

It is important to note that the number and diameter of the holes will vary according to the need for irrigation. And only with this we will have our shower ready.

This watering can can be an ideal activity to do with children because it can also be decorated.

Mini greenhouses

With the upper part of the bottles we can create mini greenhouses, which protect the plant from adverse weather conditions, improve moisture retention, accelerate growth and, most importantly, also protect against pests.

Bottles as flower pots

If we cut one side of the bottles or, in the case of the carafes in half, they can serve as pots, great to place them in any corner or in a vertical garden joined with ropes.

Automatic irrigation system

Finally, the latest invention can be seen in the following video. It is a pot with an automatic and rechargeable irrigation system, very useful to save maintenance in the garden or when we go on a trip.

I hope you liked these tricks with plastic bottles and that they are useful to you. Do not forget to leave in the comments which trick you liked the most and, if you know one, you can share it with everyone.

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