Symptoms that an alcohol addict may present

Symptoms that an alcohol addict may present

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The adictions they are an elongated shadow that always threatens to engulf anyone. There are many types and all kinds of objects or substances, but one of the most frequent is alcohol addiction. Drinking addicts are the ones who must end up going to addiction or detox centers the most to get back to having a normal life. Because, when this type of addiction appears, it turns your whole life upside down.

The worst thing is that it is a problem that is developing little by little, from less to more, and that its extension is getting bigger. But it is not something irreversible, it has a remedy, especially if you act quickly and effectively.

How to spot an alcohol addiction

Alcohol addiction is one of the main reasons any detox center opens its doors. The truth is that it is something that continues to grow in these times, with all the problems and traumas that it can generate in families and friends. Unfortunately, a comprehensive remedy for drink addiction, but there are ways to prevent it or, at least, to detect it to take action as soon as possible.

If you want to know how to detect if a person is addicted to alcohol Or not, please pay close attention to the following prompts. These factors are the key, the most revealing of a possible addiction. Take note of everything and, above all, observe the individual in question to see if it complies.

Continuous consumption

People addicted to alcohol they consume it very frequently. So much so, that they can even start taking it first thing in the morning and, from there, dive into a continuous loop of “drinks” throughout the day. A glass, a glass, a bottle, a cardboard ... Consumption is not measured, and that is something that ends up affecting both the body and the mind itself and those around.

The worst thing about this consumption is that it is done even in places or times when it is not due, in fact it is the clearest indicator that a person has a drinking addiction. Definitely, the clearest way to see or discover it.

Tolerance to alcohol

This is a consequence of the constant consumption of alcoholic beverages. Since these enter the body much more frequently, it achieves develop a greater tolerance to this, which causes the most visible effects of alcohol, drunkenness, take much longer to manifest. Something not at all positive, since precisely this state is what helps to put a brake on consumption.

But in people with a drinking addiction, the brake is the last thing to appear, if at all. That tolerance can be seen very easily in any celebration or special occasion, with the typical friend who is able to drink more than the rest without falling asleep. You have to be careful.

Need to drink

Something totally linked to continuous consumption. The person who is addicted to alcoholHe drinks constantly because he needs to drinkIn fact, your mood can be seriously altered if you can't. This need is even transferred to complicated situations, such as a sentimental pothole or a difficulty at the work level. For addicts, these situations are the ones that make them drink the most, since they see in the glass the remedy to put problems aside.

In the event that you, or someone close to you, get mad at not being able to drink, you're getting a clear clue that there is dependence, because there is need. They are two things that always go together, inevitably.

Breach of responsibilities

A collateral damage from addictions is that, precisely because of these, responsibilities are put aside and obligations that may be had. A drink addict can be late for work, or not go directly, avoid the usual tasks in their day to day and many other things. And all because of that constant need to continue drinking to "enjoy" the alcohol that he likes so much.

As consumption becomes a necessity, becomes something fundamental and priority for the addict. Everything else is left over, except to help you get the drink you want. Therefore, he does not hesitate to neglect other tasks that he previously carried out normally. He just wants to drink, the rest does not matter.

We hope that everything is more than clarified and, above all, that you have understood it. If someone close to you shows any of these symptoms, it is important that you follow up. If it manifests all, you should start taking action before. Addictions must be treated quickly if they are to be addressed effectively.

By Román Verdelli

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