Tax deduction 50%: how it works

Tax deduction 50%: how it works

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Tax deductions 50%, concessions that may also concern us without our knowledge and that the 2016 Stability Law confirmed and partially modified. Better to keep or become informed so as not to miss a good opportunity to recover certain expenses for the home, in 10 years, but better than nothing. For "certain expenses", for which the tax deduction 50%, means those for the recovery of the building heritage, including the works of extraordinary maintenance and building renovation. The expenses for ordinary maintenance work, on the other hand, are included in the tax deduction 50% only if they concern common parts of condominium buildings.

Tax deduction 50%: how it works

Tax deductions 50%, to remind us what we have been through, they are also called ex 36%. I'll spare you the distant past and summarize the process from 2010 onwards when, financial by financial, the facilities for interventions of recovery of the building stock of existing buildings, only for homes and common parts of residential buildings, gradually up to 2012, inclusive.

The Decree Law of 6 December 2011 canceled the extension to 2012 and made it stable tax deductions of 36%, a bad blow that we keep until the law decree of 22 June 2012. It is brought back to 50%, cheers, and the amount maximum deductible goes from 48,000 to 96,000 euros, all valid until June 30, 2013 and to be added to the good news brought by the decree of June 4, 2013 which added to the deductible expenses also those incurred for the purchase of furniture and large appliances.

Extension after extension, stability law after stability law, today we have ours tax deduction 50% of the expenses incurred for the renovations until 31 December 2016.

There are many potential beneficiaries of the tax deduction 50% but beware that you cannot play accumulation. They are, we are, all those who pay personal income tax. Not just the owners, therefore also naked owners, holders of a real right of enjoyment (usufruct, use, dwelling or surface), tenants or borrowers, members of cooperatives or individual entrepreneurs. In the large group of who can have onetax deduction 50% there are no local authorities and no businesses or other commercial entities if they intervene on non-residential properties.

Tax deduction 50%: restructuring

The renovation is one of the works that most leads us to benefit from tax deduction 50%. In general, it concerns some ordinary maintenance interventions, those of extraordinary maintenance, conservative restoration and renovation works, both of an apartment and of an apartment building.

Let's start with the restructuring understood as restoration and conservative rehabilitation: these are interventions to preserve the building and ensure its functionality on the existing one, unless the insertion of systems required by the needs of use. Many interventions of this type are for the restoration of the historical-architectural aspect of a building.

As for the building renovation, instead, the interventions interested in tax deduction 50% are those of restoration or replacement of some elements of the building, of elimination or modification or insertion of new elements and systems. For example, you may want to modify the facade, create an attic or a balcony, or transform the attic into an attic and the balcony into a veranda. Or open new doors and windows, build toilets.

A few words about ordinary and extra-ordinary maintenance, they also intersect the tax deductions 50% and it is better not to miss an opportunity to benefit from it. By ordinary maintenance we mean repairs, renovations and replacements of the finishes of buildings and those that keep the systems efficient. Changing the bathroom windows, for example, is what to do tax deductions 50%. But be careful: if the interventions are on single residential real estate units, nothing tax deductions 50%.

This does not already apply if we talk about Extraordinary maintenance, provided that the overall volume is not altered and the intended uses are not changed. In this type of interventions, included in the list for the tax deduction 50%, there is the splitting or merging of real estate units, the installation of lifts and safety stairs, the construction or renovation of stairs, the replacement of window frames and the construction of fences and gates.

Tax deduction 50%: furniture

The purchase of furniture and large appliances of a class of not less than A +, for a maximum of 10 thousand euros, gives access totax deduction 50%. This is a facility that must in any case be linked to a building renovation, having said that the various cabinets, tables, chairs, sofas, shelves, bookcases are all purchases from tax deduction 50%.

Also are refrigerators, dishwashers, washing machines and many others large appliances and A + series, but let's not forget the furnishing accessories, my favorites. In this case there are mainly lighting fixtures but not all of them, they must be a "necessary complement" to the renovated property. Completely excluded from the tax deduction 50% antique furniture and antiques while the costs related to the transport and assembly of the above are deductible.

In addition to all the various interventions included in the list that I have pitted, in tax deduction 50% those for the reconstruction of buildings damaged during calamitous events, for example, are also involved. And the thought runs to earthquakes and floods even recent.

Less tragically, there are also the construction of garages or parking spaces, the most important elimination of architectural barriers and the reassuring measures of crime prevention. I am referring, for example, to thefts, robberies and assaults, and therefore to window grates, for example, or to armored doors, to video surveillance systems. A green touch here too: in the tax deduction 50% there are also the wiring of the buildings and the interventions to contain thenoise pollution, in addition to those who obey the anti-seismic measures.

Tax deduction 50%: in how many years

As for the tax period to which the tax deduction 50% it works like this: it must be divided over 10 years and for those beneficiaries who are 75 and 80 there is no longer the possibility of dividing the deduction, respectively, into 5 or 3 annual installments.

Considering that today the maximum spending limit for the tax deduction 50% is 96,000 euros, so as not to get stuck with the calculations, we clarify that if the intervention began the previous year, this remains the overall threshold for the entire intervention, regardless of how the expenses have been divided over the two years.

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