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Water softener: how it works, how much it costs and in which cases it is useful to install it. Information on maintenance and purchase.

L'tap watercontains traces of mineral substances which, if present in high concentration, are responsible for the formation oflimestone.

Awater softenergoes to contrast that parameter indicated with the term "hardness". Therehardnessit is a value that expresses the total content of calcium and magnesium ions (deriving from the presence of mineral substances) dissolved in water.

There water hardness is lowered by exploiting asoftenerwhat can bemanual or automatic. How does the softener work? This device contains aion exchange resinwhich consists of a polymer containing sodium ions that are exchanged with the passage of water with calcium and magnesium ions, ie the substances responsible for limescale deposits. The calcium and magnesium ions that make the water hard are retained by the resin. The works ofmaintenanceto be dedicated towater softenerthey consist precisely of itregeneratethe resin by eliminating calcium and magnesium ions.

Thelimestoneis a real enemy of household appliances (dishwashers, washing machines, boilers ...) but also of taps, dish hygiene, heating systems, pipes and solar collectors. Hard water is not suitable for personal hygiene, in fact it can damage hair and facial skin, and not everyone knows that with classic washes with excessively hard water, fabrics tend to wear out and lose their shine.

Water softener

The use of ahome softenerprotects the entire water network and prevents the formation of limescale; limescale deposits on the washing machine resistance are typical. You may not know it but… due to limescale your washing machine tends to consume much more energy!

The installation of ahome softenercan solve all problems related to limescale.

Among the various water softeners on the market we recommend the AS110 model because it is among the products with the best value for money: on Amazon it is offered at the promotional price of 319.99 euros and can satisfy the water needs of up to 7 people. The prices of water softeners are quite high and increase in proportion to the amount of water supplied. For example, the aforementioned model supplies 1,417 liters of fresh water per day while those who need water from the same range can point to the AS700 model capable ofsweeten3,680 liters of hard water per day; the cost reaches about 500 euros.

Excluding the rare models already mentioned in this article, thewater softenersthey are characterized by rather high purchase prices. The AS110 water softener can be installed upstream of the domestic water supply, in the basement or outside. It does not require much maintenance because it starts an automatic washing cycle that regenerates the resinand ensures its correct functioning. The regeneration process uses the classic brine, that is, a solution based on salt and water that strips away the calcium and magnesium ions that the resin has torn from the water. Beyond the initial expense, those who decide to adopt a water softenerhe will have to pay for the salt needed to regenerate the sheath. A water softener uses on average 1 25 kg bag of salt every 2 months but this time parameter is only indicative, it all depends on the amount of water you use and how often you decide to start the automatic washes to regenerate the sheath.

The ion exchange resin of the AS110 softener retains calcium and magnesium ions effectively even for water very rich in limestone. The device is sold in a package with a small ready-to-use kit: after purchase, installation is relatively easy and with a little DIY practice you can do it yourself.

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