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Hovawart, a court guardian arrives from Germany. Known the traditions of this land, excellent also in terms of costumes and representations, the court guardian sounds like a title of great honor. To watch this dog it is and it is deserved. A leap into Middle Ages to translate the name: Wart, stands for "guardian" and Hova for "court". Everything fits: we are in Germany. Officially recognized by the FCI, theHovawart it is included in the group of dogs of type pinscher, schnauzer, molossoid and Swiss cattle dogs.

Hovawart: origins

Like the name, the breed also has medieval origins, the ancestors of this dog in fact, with similar features, have been spotted in the regions of Black Forest and the Harz, in homes and villages, as well as in the paintings of that era. Since those times he has survived with minor variations, always covering his role as court guardian, up to a sort of race reset, attributable to the early 1900s.

We wanted to go back, by reselecting from the beginning, to a Hovawart that it was identical or nearly identical to the ancient descriptions. To obtain them, other dogs were crossed including the Newfoundland, i Leonberger, the Kuvasz and i Shepherds, obviously German. A dog that arrived in Germany with war veterans from Africa seems to have also been included in this mix of breeds. A certain "African wild cana", similar to the greyhound. After the selection of the 1900s, the breed of the Hovawart, in 1964 the official recognition by the International Cynological Federation.

Hovawart: weight

Taking into account that at the withers a male measures from 63 to 70 cm and the female a little less, the weight of theHovawart it will not be negligible at all. Described as vigorous and robust, in fact, this dog has an important size but is agile and has an elongated shape, far from being stocky and clumsy.

It is considered a utility dog. Looking at different specimens, males can be recognized from females by the shape of the head and body, in both cases we can find three varieties of color: black and tan, black and blond. The coat is strong, dense and often also wavy.

The trunk, as well as the limbs, transmit vigor and robustness., The muzzle is rounded, with a pronounced stop and a wide nose. The ears of theHovawart they are triangular and fall a little on the cheeks, the eyes are oval and usually dark brown. If you want to know the mood of this dog, you can observe its tail which is a thermometer: it hangs or is arched on the back if our Hovawart it's more or less sad.

Hovawart: behavior

If he was once a guardian of the court, in modern times this German Hovawart it is due re-invent. Courageous and lively as he is, he has become a versatile working dog. It is used in fact, even when the country where it lives varies, as a guard dog, defense dog, in the civil service as an avalanche, catastrophe and search dog for missing people.

Docile and intelligent, it can also be a dog guide for the blind, we see it in drug patrols and in the military. When his German fans reselected the breed, they were careful to maintain its psychological balance, and they did it.

To see and know today a specimen of Hovawart in fact, this characteristic is immediately noticed. It is a dog capable of living peacefully and in harmony with the family. Kind and affectionate, he watches over loved ones and is very protective. When necessary he knows how to show himself courageous and tenacious.

Hovawart: puppies

The puppies are even more irresistible than the adults Hovawart and they too are immediately good and adaptable to the context. They feel a great need for closeness. Human and animal: the herd. Never leave them too alone, therefore, but at the same time never let them dominate, they must understand who is in charge. Then everything will go smoothly and if they approach a child as a child, they will always be with him very affectionate and willing to suffer spite even in silence, acting as guardian and defender.

Immediately awake and ready to learn from a puppy,Hovawart it is easily trainable, able to coexist well with other pets. If you have guests, he will be cautious and attentive, but not aggressive towards strangers either.

Hovawart: price

From 950 to 1300 euros there are puppies of Hovawart, not very easily in Italy: it is not yet widespread as an animal but it can be liked and it is also easy to keep, apart from the dimensions that can scare those who have an apartment without a garden.

L'Hovawart he needs adequate physical activity and a bit of green space in which to roam freely he can only like it. He then shows himself very good in various activities, from utility and defense, to agility, obedience and all sports activities. He has a phenomenal nose so, as mentioned, when there is someone or something to look for, he is among the first to be called.

Hovawart: club Italy

Since 2010 theHovawart Club Italia, the official club for the protection of the breed in Italy, was admitted to the Hovawart International Federation. It is the only specialized company recognized in 2003 by the E.N.C.I. (National Body of Italian Dog lovers) and was founded in 2000. From their site reads the commitment "so that the breed in Italy has selection and evaluation criteria like other breeds for utility and defense and of the same breed in the country of origin, Germany".

This Hovawart Club Italia it organizes annual rallies, one in northern Italy and one a little further towards the center. These are appointments with famous breed experts who attend various work tests (Utility and Defense). The Club also organizes stages throughout the year, for example for dog management or for simple and healthy fun with your own Hovawart.

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