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Komondor, the rasta dog but that has nothing to do with Jamaica. He comes from Hungary and his is a breed officially recognized by the FCI, included in the group of shepherd and cattle dogs.

Komondor origins

In Hungary the Komondor it came to us from Asia, and many many years ago. It is not clear which areas, some experts speculate from Tibet, others from the Asian steppes following the Huns who used it as keeper of the flocks as well as in the fighting.

However, when he arrived in Europe, he found more serenity and a land that welcomed him: theHungary it is his “chosen homeland” as early as 1500, as evidenced by documents from 1500 which indicate him as the best helper of the shepherds. In fact, it was and thus remained the Komondor, but he waited until 1920 for official recognition and definition of the breed standard. From that moment, it began to be successful even outside the shepherd environment and in the United States it landed as a companion dog, or rather, a dog that makes everyone turn around when you have it on a leash.

Komondor: description

Very muscular throughout the body, although the thick coat hides it, the Komondor it is a large dog, at the withers a male measures up to 80 cm, the female reaches 70. In fact, as a weight, it reaches 60 kg.

The body of the Komondor is massive, is a very strong dog, but the characteristic of the breed is the felted and corded coat, very dense and thick. The color of the coat is always white and gives it a very nice and fun look.

The tail is also very "rasta" and has the tip, the eyes are dark brown and emerge in a rather large head, the ears hang down, of medium length while the nose is black and large. The feet of the Komondor they are large and compact, it is necessary to check the presence of any spurs in the nails, before they can break and bleed or ingrown.

Black Komondor

The only color of the Komondor it is white, according to the official standard currently in force, but you can see images in black, online, and specimens around, on the street. Even in the white version, however, the leather is pigmented in a slate-gray color.

Beyond the color, the hair of the komondor actually constitutes a real corded fur, rougher above, below, in undercoat, softer. It is a cloak that involves some commitment but not as much as you might think. At least, after the formation of the typical "ropes" has begun. First it is better to treat it frequently, then there is no longer any need to carry out a particular one grooming, except to prevent the ropes from creating knots.

As for the Bergamasco Shepherd it is important that such a hair does not start to look messy and smelly but this does not happen if it is maintained clean and checked. This is also in our interest, especially if we have the Komondor at home with us. Particular attention, beyond the messy appearance, to cleaning: there is the danger of external parasites that can lurk and cause even serious damage to the general health of our dog. And not only.

Komondor: character

After centuries and centuries as a shepherd dog, the Komondor he is a champion of obedience. As soon as you order something, he listens and executes, even in the attack phase if the owner tells him to stop. Although he looks very nice and easy-going, this dog is not particularly expansive, he is a calm type, as if his hair had grown like this to shield a shy, reserved, suspicious character just enough.

Although in the past, as we have mentioned, when it was not yet in Europe, it was used in fighting, today it is al 100% a sweet and reliable dog, with very little aggressive. From puppy he loves to play a lot, then he calms down and is an excellent companion dog, he remains thoughtful but always very fond of his master. He seeks his company and follows him, defends him and loves him in an evident and undisputed way.

If desired, with a minimum of training the Komondor it also becomes an excellent defense dog, moreover it is among the dogs that enjoy a robust health. For his desire to move and his size is better keep it in the garden or in an open-air enclosure, where he can feel freer, and should be regularly cleaned and washed.

Komondor: price

A puppy of Komondor costs approx 1000 euros to date, in Italy. It is necessary to make sure that it is a well-kept dog, as well as complete with documents and pedigrees: even if it enjoys good health, we take nothing for granted. Also with regard to the hair whose most delicate phase is precisely the initial one, when the ropes which then for life become essential for its appearance and also for its cleanliness.

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