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Maremma Hound

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Maremma Hound, the dog of the men of Maremma, was, but today it retains all the qualities of fidelity and courage to be considered an excellent "pursuer" dog. Rather recently recognized as a breed by ENCI, it is included in the hounds group, together with the dogs for blood trail. Among its distinctive features in the panorama of "made in Italy" dogs, its intrepid and hasty nature, its safe barking at rest.

Originally from Tuscany, the Maremma hound it has been selected since the end of the 1800s, its current appearance is the result of choices made aiming for maximum performance in barking at a standstill and in chasing racing. Much less chasing aesthetic ideals, moreover than the Italian hound it is smaller and with a head considered "less noble". Yet he is really a beautiful dog: fit, nice face and awake air.

Maremma hound for wild boar

Barking and chasing: the Maremma hound it knows how to do it perfectly and that is why it is considered a perfect breed for wild boar hunting. It does not give up neither when a large group is in front of it, nor when a particularly aggressive animal happens to face it.

In the thick Mediterranean scrub the Maremma hound he manages to extricate himself and to run fast, which is not for everyone as not for everyone is keeping a cool head in front of a wild boar. In addition to the wild boar, the Maremma hound he also dedicates himself to hunting other animals such as hare, fox and roe deer.

Fawn Maremma Hound

The Maremma hound it can be fawn, let's start with this shade, there are others, but at the base the physical characteristics are the same. It is a medium-sized dog, with a male measuring from 44 to 52 cm, the female from 42 to 50. The weight of a Maremma hound it can vary from 13 kg, the minimum in females, up to 23 kg, the maximum for a male in good shape. And make sure it stays that way. Quick and agile, with a sturdy trunk and a body in harmony and balance.

The muzzle, proportionate, must not have wrinkles, the skin is always well adherent, the lips thin and light, never hanging, with black margins. The eyes of the Maremma hound they are dark in color, slightly oval, with a lively and attentive expression, a sign of intelligence.

The ears, flat and close to the cheeks, are triangular in shape while the nose is always black and large, with reactive and well opened nostrils, always moist and fresh. The physique of this hound is "optimized" to hunt, hence the musculature is enviable, the limbs are snappy and long and lean, the thigh powerful. The reason for his free and lively gait.

Maremma Brindle Hound

Not only fawn but also brindle, the Maremma hound he is always an excellent boar hunter and there is also a third color: black and tan. The fawn can be both charged and washed out, the black and tan and the brindle they are as they are, all admit the presence of white but only if in some positions. For example on the four limbs, on the foot and in the Carpi and Tarsian region, on the neck, in the form of star on the chest, with a strip on the forehead and tip of the tail.

Strong-haired Maremma Hound

Always looking at the hair, the Maremma hound it comes in two varieties: short hair and strong hair. It is a question of weaving. If the hair is short, the texture is glassy, ​​and the coat appears dense, evenly distributed over the whole body. There may be hints of undercoat, some coarse hair, on the muzzle and on the limbs from 1 to 1.5 cm. But nothing more.

In the variety of Maremma hound with strong hair, however, the hair shows a length ranging from 3 to 4 cm, it is always uniformly distributed and rough to the touch.

Maremmano Hound: character

To be a hound, and above all a Maremma hound, it is necessary to show a strong and reckless temperament. Not only that: this breed is also typical for its ringing and at the same time pleasant voice, which varies tone in the different phases of the expulsion.

The Maremma hound hunts and does so with great passion. When he is in action he has a safe and hasty way of doing things, of those who know how to do their job and do not need those who give them instructions. It is in fact a excellent pursuer, prudent and safe, and even barking, as soon as it stops in front of the prey, trapped. He is not selfish, he can hunt alone but also in pairs: one thing is certain, he never gives up, he is one of the most tenacious dogs.

Maremmano Berlusconi Hound

Do not seek links with the well-known character of the same name who is related to a very different breed of dog. The Maremma Berlusconi hound it is simply the result of one of the many selections. It has nothing special in the eyes of someone who is not an expert in hounds. You can find many pictures online, often of a deep tawny color, but I challenge you to compare it to the well-known political entrepreneur who at the moment prefers smaller and quieter dogs.

The Maremma hound, meanwhile, also of Bernasconi selection, tenaciously pursues wild boars in other lands.

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