How to read the barcode

How to read the barcode

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How to read the barcode: a guide to reading eto understand the bar code of products, from food to consumer goods. From reading the QR code on smartphone to numerical comprehension.

That of thebarcodeit's a simple mechanism to understand: each number equals something! In Italy there are three types ofbarcodeswidespread. The most common is undoubtedly the EAN,European Article Number.

In the pharmaceutical field, the bar code follows the principle of Pharmacode or code 32 while in the industrial field reference is made to code 128, code 39 (alphanumeric) and 2/5. Thebarcodeit is commonly accompanied by acontrol code.

The system ofbarcodesmakes the life of cashiers and warehouse workers easy, for managing orders, placing on shelves, inventories ... but thebarcodeit is also useful for us consumers to understand thetraceability of a product.

What do those numbers mean?

  • - The first 3 digits indicate the origin and represent a country.
  • - The following 4 digits represent the address of the manufacturer or supplier.
  • - The next 5 digits refer to the item itself (assorted candies, 100 grams, gift box).
  • - The last digit is only a functional element that facilitates reading.

How to read the bar code to understand where the product is coming from

Warning! Understanding where the product comes from does not mean knowing its origins! A device produced abroad can be imported by an Italian company and packaged in Italy and therefore have an 80 code while being made in China!

The provenance of a product can be easily deduced from the first digits of the bar code. From these you can understand if the product was packaged in Italy, China, India ... Based on the figure found, this is where the product comes from

690, 691, 692China
00 – 09USA and Canada

Finally, there are the products starting with numbers from 200 to 299 and refer to the goods packaged within the same shop (cheeses, salads, cold cuts ...).

How to read the food barcode

As stated, the first digits may not always identify the real origin of a product. This parameter is very confusing for those who intendread food barcodesto understand where the food he buys comes from!

An Italian manufacturer can use foreign raw materials, market food products imported from other countries or on the contrary, produce in Italy but have a bar code different from the one that identifies our country because it has its registered office abroad.

In this context, in addition to the barcode, we should pay attention to the wording on the label. Pay attention to the words:

  • - Product distributed by:
    In this case it is probably an imported product.
  • - Manufactured in the factory of ...
    If the location marked is Italian, it will probably be a local food product.

How to read the barcode with iPhone

Read the bar code or theQR code with smartphones it is really very simple. As with everything, you just need the right application!

On the iPhone there are several applications that provide the bar code reading he was born in QR code and automatically enter the bar code or QR code in the Google search box to return a video, a web page, an application or simply a list of products.

Among the various applications we point outBar-Codebecause it is free and above all it does not have advertising inside.

Once the application is launched, simply click on the camera icon and frame the bar code. The display will show a numeric code, a url or an App path. From here you can copy it to use it on the iPhone, launch it on the web to view the content or send it by email.

How to read the barcode with Android OS

As with iPhone, Android operating systems also have a dense list of applications. Among the best that can be downloaded for free, we point out the Barcode Scanner app. Operation is simple, even in this case just launch the App, call the camera and frame the bar code or the QR Code to scan.

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