Great Dane: breeding and price

Great Dane: breeding and price

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Great Dane blue, that is to say a pure steel-colored giant dog with an intelligent expression, a loose gait and an anthracite-colored nose. Here is the blue version of the canine breed with nicely nicknamed specimens "Apollo of the dogs". Also blue, as in other colors, the Great Dane is considered an excellent house keeper and an excellent defense dog as well as a companion. In addition to a big heart, to welcome it, however, it is also necessary to have a large house, preferably with a garden.

Great Dane German Blue

Perhaps because it has depopulated in those parts, but this dog is also known by the name of Great Danish even if of clear and unquestionable German origin. We are in the nineteenth century, and even earlier, when an organization of about ten breeders takes giant hunting mastiffs and selects them and crosses them with other breeds until obtaining theGreat Dane Blue that we know today.

A very recent result, and with immediate success already at the time. Proof of this is that since 1876 it is the German national dog. In Italy the fame of this giant with enviable fur comes in the first decades of the twentieth century, today it is above all a companion and guard dog, double use, but originally l'Great Dane Blue was born as a hunting dog. Moreover, he was among those specializing in wild animals including the wild boar, bear and deer.

Blue Giant Great Dane

The males of Great Dane Blue at the withers they measure at least 80 cm and almost one meter, the females start from 72 and reach 84 cm: it is a breed of giant dogs, indisputably, but also able to manage their mass. Let's not put them in a crystal shop, but we count on his gifts of great nobility and elegance that have always made him famous and appreciated even by nobles and snobbish people. I say snobbish, even if then theGreat Dane Blue everyone likes it, impossible not to turn around in its passage. But let's admit that, if we do the math, it is also an animal that evokes images of princely palaces, even if only for the size that the rooms must have to accommodate it with ease.

The good news is that, even if we don't live in a palace, we can safely accommodate him by relying on his good manners and on our wrist. If from an early age we have trained him not to be too impetuous, to respect spaces by adapting to the rhythms of the host family, ours, then we can become proud owners of a Great Dane Blue. I am convinced that we will not regret it, it is a dog that keeps a lot of company and is, apart from that, very docile, perfectly able to adapt to modern life.

Great Dane Blue: character

As mentioned theGreat Dane Blue she has a splendid character and a serene, calm, sweet, faithful and very friendly disposition. Having identified his master, only one, then he shows himself very affectionate. She follows him almost everywhere in order to be in his company and give him his bulky but priceless presence.

Leave alone a very long time Great Dane Blue at home, it means making him melancholy and unhappy, in a "blue" mood if for him he would not detach himself for a moment from us and even with the children he would play hours and hours even enduring being a living stuffed animal or a horse. It is not excluded, it can do it and I assure you that it will bear them for hours and hours but it is better to be careful of the accidental movement it can have if the children are very young.

He, theGreat Dane Blue, he plays and even though he is intelligent, he does not consider being able to push his playmate too violently. With those unfamiliar with, the Blue Alano is very suspicious, not aggressive but reserved. He does not give confidence if he is not convinced and also for this reason he is an excellent watchdog.

Great Dane: ideal master

To be a master of Great Dane Blue happy and proud you need to be experienced and physically strong to be able to handle this powerful, resolute and sometimes stubborn dog. He is not rebellious but must be polite. Furthermore, but this does not center with its size, it is necessary to have time to dedicate to it: this breed is terribly sensitive, it needs to see a sweet master, firm and sure.

The ideal master of Great Dane Blue it cannot be one of those fanatical about cleaning: between the moult and the drool it could go crazy, not to mention that, in everyday life, with such a large dog they must be countered accidental damage in the house and garden. Some ornaments, some branches, carpets, vases. The price to pay to live with theApollo in blue dog version.

This patience required of the master is rewarded, and it is not a little, not only by his pleasant company but also by his work as a completely negligible watchdog. Given his past of fighting, the'Great Dane Blue he has remained a dog with a combative and fearless character that is worth a lot when there is a need to protect his owner in case of need.

Great Dane appearance

I talked in great detail about the noble aspect of the Alano in the article "Great Dane: character and variety". I remind you of the powerful and harmonious build and the proud and elegant gait. It looks like a statue because it is so majestic, the trunk is inscribed almost in the square, moreover, but the females can be slightly longer. The truffle ofGreat Dane Blue it is well developed, wider than rounded and only in this color version can we find it in anthracite: a sort of diluted black.

The muzzle is not pointed and the eyes pop out with a lively, intelligent and friendly expression. They are always dark, almond-shaped, even if atGreat Dane Blue slightly lighter eyes are also allowed. In addition to being blue, the Great Dane can also be fawn, brindle, black or harlequin. When it is blue it is pure steel color and may have white markings on the chest and feet. If, on the other hand, it has fawn or black shades it is considered defective.

Great Dane Blue: breeding

Among the various farms of this breed, I found only one of Great Dane Blue very particular, with Enci-Fci affix, registered in the Enci Breeders Register and Enci Breeder Member, member of the Italian Alani Society. We are near Rome, in the middle of the Sabina countryside, on the hills between Fiano Romano and Magliano Sabina. The breeding is called Quiet Light and browsing his site you will find rich information on the activities and awards collected. And about puppies.

Not only of Great Dane Blue but also, it is the Kingdom of Fantasy, in the Cascina Nuova Tibotta in San Giorgio di Lomellina (Pavia). From the site you feel the passion, and you can see some splendid specimens of dogs: a dozen would be needed, to have the space

Great Dane Blue: price

Speaking of getting a dozen, we also think about the price. There are even more expensive dogs, butGreat Dane Blue do not joke: on average it costs 750 -800 euros. Much depends on the pedigree but contacting certified farms is always and in any case the best thing to do, as well as contacting an expert veterinarian who can accompany us in the choice.

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