Despar Festival 2016: great success in Padua

Despar Festival 2016: great success in Padua

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The Despar Festival 2016 ended a few days ago and the outcome of the initiative is extremely positive: beyond 3,500 people took part in the initiatives proposed by Aspiag Service to present the social commitment of Despar North East in four macro-areasfood, person, territory and environment.

Last Tuesday 18th I personally visited the Despar Festival, participating in the day's initiatives and finding confirmation of the great e concrete commitment of Despar in dealing with the issues mentioned above in a virtuous way, obtaining important results.

The first interesting multimedia installation I visited was the "CSR tunnel"Where executives and managers of Despar show and explain all the activities carried out in terms of recovery recovery of unsold goods (over 4 million euros donated in 2015 alone!), environmental protection, sponsorship of local sports and fundraising and creation of innovative products capable of also respond to niche needs.

The theme of the CSR, Corporate Social Responsibility or Corporate Social Responsibility in Italian, it is in my opinion an essential factor in the strategy of successful companies that understand the need not to limit themselves to following the logic of profit by addressing and effectively solving problems of social and ethical impact within them and in the fabric in which they operate.

Corporate Social Responsibility: the multimedia tunnel at the Despar Festival

Despar understood the crucial importance of a strategy based on ethics starting from its motto "Our best, for everyone" and from logo corporate, a green fir, which as he explains Rudolf Staudinger, Aspiag Service President, "Reflects the relationship we want to have with our territory: if the land in which it is planted is healthy, a tree grows well".

Anyone who knows me personally or who follows my articles on IdeeGreen knows that one of my main values ​​is one healthy lifestyle, based on physical exercise daily, and one good nutrition and the stand House of Life, at the Despar Festival, allowed me to get to know and deal directly with him chef Stefano Polato and with the nutritionist Lucio Parrello.

Stefano Polato he explained to me how it is possible to cook a tasty single dish and perfect from the point of view of balancing nutritional factors. The ideal would be to have the following proportions: 50% carbohydrates from fruit and vegetables, 25% animal or vegetable protein from fish, meat, eggs and legumes and 25% carbohydrates from whole grains or potatoes.

It is also very important to identify cooking methods that preserve the nutritional properties of foods and combinations that may seem unusual but instead offer great satisfaction to the palate: the lentils + strawberries combination proposed at the Casa di Vita stand of the Despar Festival in Padua is very good. could have tasted and that I intend to experiment at home too.

If you want to discover other secrets of Stefano Polato, the chef who also prepared Samantha Cristoforetti's "spatial menu", to improve the quality of your diet, you can visit the website

Stefano Polato shows the ideal components of the single dish

Another virtuous initiative presented to Despar Festival is the educational project "Good Habits"With which Despar offers to support teachers in the field of food education by providing educational materials rich in scientific content and interactive proposals, developed by a team of experts consisting of a pedagogist, a nutritionist, a chef, a psychologist, a biologist and theater operators.

The teaching materials are customized following the topics covered by the study program of the Ministry of Education and aim to help the teacher involve pupils with practical exercises in which to discover food.

Here is the photo I took of the 3 kits of the project "Good Habits“, Respectively dedicated to discovering whole grains, spices and legumes.

Each box includes plastic boxes containing the different food products that the pupils can touch and discover.

Cereals, spices and legumes are the protagonists of the three educational kits of the "Good Habits" project

The three paths of the project "Good Habits”Were also the theme for three different theatrical performances that guaranteed educational entertainment and fun for children and their families present at the San Gaetano Center in Padua where the Despar Festival was held.

Another successful stand present at Despar Festival was the one dedicated to "Flavors of Our Territory", Where local producers offered tastings of their quality products, telling guests the story of their companies and, more generally, the food and wine richness of Northeast Italy.

The Sapori del Territorio stand where you can taste the gastronomic excellence of local producers

The nutritionist's teachings are also very instructive Lucio Parrello of which I particularly appreciated the ability to simplify in his explanations concepts related to the chemistry of the food products presented, with their "strengths and weaknesses" in the stand House of Life, with dedicated areas and product samples.

Once again, the emphasis is placed on the importance of balanced dishes from the point of view of the nutritional components of each type of food, with fruit and vegetables that remain the undisputed protagonists for a healthy and balanced diet.

Instead, be careful to exceed with the salt that is already contained in many foods that can be used in its place to flavor dishes without leading to an excessively high sodium intake.

A significant intake of water is also very important in our diet but, as our grandparents recommend, be careful to drink in small sips and avoid too low temperatures.

Lucio Parrello at the Casa di Vita stand

Unfortunately, I was unable to attend the DiVitaDay, the final event of Despar Festival, which took place the day after my visit, Sunday 20 March, where the prof. Filippo Ongaro, pioneer of preventive and anti-aging medicine, author of successful books and contributor to national newspapers and radios.

A colleague of mine who spoke told me how prof. Ongaro provided the audience with the information necessary to undertake a path of change towards correct and conscious choices (food and not only), capable of enhancing the state of health. The suggestions of prof. Ongaro are available to everyone through DiVita Magazine, the magazine of which prof. he is the Managing Director, with whom Despar aims to explain to its customers the principles for a healthy diet and psycho-physical well-being.

Also in the field of energy efficiency and procedures waste collection and separation Despar NordEst's attention is highest in the stores. Here is an official video with some of the best practices adopted in the field of environmental Protection:

For more information on the activities of Despar NordEst you can visit the social pages:

and to get to know Despar better the official website:

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