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Foxhound dog

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Foxhound dog, a fox dog, or a hunting dog expert in foxes, of English origin, but of which there is also an American version. Lively, intelligent, of medium size but more alert than average in Italy it is still little known and not very widespread, almost not even bred, years ago, however, many years ago, they were even used in packs for hunting by well-known historical figures, English , above all, but also not. In fact there would be too Napoleon III which had 120 subjects.

Foxhound dog: origins

This breed, to be discovered in the true sense of the word, for all of us, perhaps with the exception of some expert in foxes, is a "gift" from gamekeepers. It is due to a group of them, in fact, that by crossing some breeds he wanted to get a dog with a very special sense of smell. Not only that: the goal of those who then gave birth to Foxhound dog was to have specimens with excellent flair and great "guts", in the sense of courage, and breath.

They had to hunt well and run for several hours. It is not surprising, therefore, that the work of selecting this breed lasted several centuries in England, and to date there are no certain documents on the "formula" of Foxhound dog.

The English gamekeepers, not a little pretentious, started with the enterprise as early as the 15th century: there are those who claim that they crossed Terriers, Greyhounds and Bulldogs but the theory, perhaps more reliable, is another. The Foxhound dog it would be a descendant of the Dogs of St. Uberto and the French Hounds for large game.

Foxhound dog: character

Reckless and gritty, as a hunting dog should be, the Foxhound dog he is always active and resists any fatigue: he does not tire easily but does not lose his good mood. He shows himself good, sweet and docile to his master's commands. But if it is in a hunting session, everything changes. You will not recognize him: alongside his master he becomes ruthless, impetuous and evil, with his prey obviously.

The centuries spent hunting, and always in pack, have marked this breed that even now, even if adopted in the family as pet dog, maintains the habit and the taste of being with other living beings, animals or people, and does not want to remain isolated. Let alone inactive: he feels the continuous and almost neurotic need to move and to walk, it is better to let it vent in large open areas at least once a day. He resists and doesn't get tired, we don't have to keep up with his pace.

If the goodness of character and obedience make this dog compatible with family life, even if not dedicated to hunting, it is not recommended to keep it in an apartment. IS' active and friendly, he's friendly if he can be active more than anything else, so let's not imprison him.

English Foxhound Dog

Classified as a Braccoid type Foxhound dog it has a medium size: at the withers it measures from 58 to 64 cm and weighs about 25 - 30 kg. It depends if male or female. It has the classic physique of a dog created and maintained to do its job, so looking at it one can only think of the idea of ​​power, agility and endurance.

The muzzle has an alert and attentive expression, as it should be to conquer the master's confidence: The head is elongated, with large and round eyes, wide and dark nose, short and flat ears, attached to the skull. The tail is not very long and is carried like a saber following a free gait with a good stride. The hair of the Foxhound dog it is short and smooth, very practical, and as colors we can find tricolor specimens or even white-orange, gray and white-black.

American Foxhound Dog

There are many similarities between the American and English versions of this Foxhound dog: in both cases it is a hunter animal. Not just any one: this breed, from England or from USA, remains of an almost unparalleled skill in capturing the fox and its name is well deserved. Nobody would dare take it away from him as a demerit.
As a breed, the American version is separately recognized by the International Cynological Federation (FCI), since 1886, years later than the English equivalent.

In truth, however, the American Foxhound Dog it would be older than America itself: the first settlers arrived with the Irish, English and French hounds who then formed the genetic base of the current breed. Today it includes numerous varieties since the families of breeders, scattered in different American states, particularly Kentucky, have started to select the Foxhound in order to refine characteristics of their specific interest. Thus in the same race we have as many types as there are almost US states.

Foxhound dog: breeding

In England the Foxhound dog It is one of the dogs most frequently used for the traditional and very famous fox hunting on horseback, but already going to nearby France this breed becomes very little popular. In Italy, as anticipated and as you have personally ascertained, it is little known.

At home the Foxhound dog has been bred for over two hundred years and in a very accurate and "scientific" way, according to choices of bloodlines selected with maximum precision. The breeding of Foxhound has always been and still is in the hands of Foxhound Masters that from the origins of the origins keep a meticulous register. It hasn't been that long since the English Kennel Club created a standard while we, with the FCI, only recognized the breed in 1964.

Foxhound dog: puppies

Although difficult to find a puppy of Foxhound dog in Italy, it is not an impossible mission and it is good to prepare to welcome it properly. In general it is an adaptable animal, just leave it out in the open air and it is not annoying. There health is excellent and robust, even in terms of climate, he feels good and is used to bad weather, with age, however, it is better not to let him remain too hyperactive.

It is advisable to make it work less already when turns 7 years old: he will still love being outdoors but let us spare him great efforts. As for the cure, one is not needed toilet assiduous but only the foresight during the change of the hair to groom it frequently.

Foxhound dog: video
The long history of this breed and its importance in American traditions is all told in this video. In English, in American in truth, but very enjoyable even only for the historical images that show how the Foxhound Dog is an animal of centuries-old experience.

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