DIY lamp with bottle or jar

DIY lamp with bottle or jar

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Recycle creative:how to make a DIY lamp with glass bottle or jar. Step-by-step instructions for recycling glass jars and bottles in order to build beautiful DIY lamps.

Those unfamiliar with glass cutting can use glass jars of 500 grams or a kilo. Let's see immediately how to recycle glass jars and bottles for the creation of DIY lamps.

Lamp with bottle, how to do it

If you are not very familiar with thedo-it-yourself, we advise you to follow the instructions proposed in the paragraph dedicated tocreative recyclingglass jars or led caps able to transform a simple glass bottle into a lamp. In this paragraph we will provide you with projects and ideas for recycle glass bottles in order to achieve diy lamps or chandeliers.

For this DIY you will need a special tool to cut the glass, an electric cable with a hook for bulbs, a switch to turn the DIY chandelier (or the lamp) on and off and an LED light with a diameter compatible with the glass bottle to recycle.

The easiest way toto recyclea glass bottle and build onelampconsists of cutting the bottom of the bottle. In this way we will allow the bulb to enter the bottle while the electric cable will pass through the classic hole of the same bottle. For all instructions, please refer to the guide article:how to cut a glass bottle.

Those who have no intention of cutting any glass bottle can use the following instructions.

LED cap to recycle glass bottles

The LED cap is a very practical device. To use it, just wash the bottle and possibly decorate it as you see fit.

The led cap can be applied to any bottle: beer, wine, tomato pureeā€¦ but also to laboratory ampoules and flasks.

It is equipped with an integrated battery that is recharged with the classic USB socket on the computer. Each charge cycle manages to provide nearly 3 hours of light.

The device in question is an apparent cork stopper but its bottom hides an LED light with a small accumulator that recharges within 20 minutes.

Creative recycling: DIY lamp with glass jar

For this work ofrecyclingyou don't need to be a wizard ofdo-it-yourself. It is a very simple job and within everyone's reach. Thanks to this work of creative recycling it is possible to achieve diy lamps for the garden or to decorate the house flaunting a pinch ofenvironmental sustainability.

What it takes to make a DIY lamp?

  • A glass jar still with its lid
    A jar like the one used for jams or tomato puree.
  • An electric cable
    The electric cable must be complete with a socket for the lamp, even better if equipped with a switch to turn the lamp on and off.
  • One LED bulb
    Warning! For this creative recycling it is not possible to use traditional lamps and not only because they consume more: the traditional lamp risks exploding due to the high heat generated in the jar.
  • A pair of shears
    The scissors should be sturdy enough to pierce the lid of the jar.


1. Get everything you need from a typical do-it-yourself shopBrico Center or by taking advantage of online trading. For a better aesthetic result, choose the electric cable of the same color as the cap. If necessary, you can always paint the cap.

2. Remove any label from the glass jar.

3. Grab the shears and pierce the cap. The hole must be large enough to accommodate the bulb attachment.Warning! Only the attack and not the entire bulb!

4. Insert the attachment into the lid of the jar and screw the LED bulb.

5. Close the cap and connect the plug to the mains. ThereDIY lampis now ready for use!

for a suffused effect, you can consider painting the glass jar in order to create a DIY lamp capable of emitting colored light.

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