Eurasier: character and breeding

Eurasier: character and breeding

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Eurasier, from Germany a family dog recently created. And you won't easily guess who, according to some sources, its creator is. It is a spitz type and primitive type dog, not very widespread currently, indeed, I would say unknown to those who do not frequent the dog world. Yet it has all the cards to please, the only flaw is its lack of sociability but this also means that it can be used as a watchdog. Reliable.

The great attachment to the family is certainly the greatest merit of Eurasier dog which flaunts the confidentiality of the Chow Chow, combined with the sweetness of Samoyed with a hint of guard dog instinct borrowed from Wolfspitz.

Eurasier: origins

Telling you who the Eurasier dog I have revealed its origins to you. On the other hand, they are not a mystery and not even a thing to be ashamed of. Indeed, the dogs that give rise to this breed, equally deserving of attention, are splendid dogs. Let's give it time, though. It was created in 1969 from the crossing of a Chow Chow with one Wolfspitz, which gave birth to a baptized dog Wolf Chow.

Not fully satisfied, the creators of the Eurasier dog they crossed the descendants with a Samoyed and in 1973 the breed officially recognized by the International Cynotechnic Federation (FCI).

I unveil the mystery of the creator: rumor has it that this "special" family dog, a magical combination of breeds, was created Konrad Lorenz, very famous ethologist, author of many studies but also of very pleasant book "And man met the dog" of which I recommend reading. whether you are a dog lover or not

He, Lorenz, had the idea, then two German dog lovers, Julius Wipfel and Charlotte Baldamus, would work on it, with the collaboration ofUniversity of Göttingen (which dealt with the genetic part) and the Max Planck Institute of Heidelberg for the behavioral part.

Eurasier: character

The nature of'Eurasier is what we would like for the dog to be entrusted to a family. It is an animal with a typical proud and calm temperament, always well balanced, with a constant and good mood, never prey to hysteria, never moody or capricious. We said calm, but not too much: it is vigilant and attentive, ready to grasp external stimuli and self-confident when walking around the house, in the garden and on the street.

He is very affectionate with his family, he always needs human contact, in a continuous and abundant way, it is not advisable to keep him segregated in the garden because he is keen to participate. His open and cuddly attitude it also extends to family friends, and has a special attraction and care for children. Not being unpredictable, he is an excellent babysitter.

On the contrary, with strangers he shows himself reserved, not asocial but on his own. This makes the Eurasier dog a good watchdog. It is important that he receives a careful education full of understanding, never severe: it would be a great own goal knowing his character.

Eurasier: appearance
Considering the trio of races at the origin of Eurasier dog we can imagine that we are dealing with a muscular but above all hairy and soft animal. The body has an excellent balance of proportions, it is harmonious also thanks to the medium heavy bone structure. The length of theEurasier it is usually slightly higher than the height at the withers which for a male specimen is ideally 56 cm, with a weight of 26 kg. The female is smaller but equally proportioned and agreeable as a whole.

The head of the Eurasier dog it is not large, in profile and from above it is in the shape of a cone, with a little marked stop. The muzzle is not too pointed and ends with a medium sized nose, always black. The two ears emerge from the skull, spaced apart and of medium size: they have the shape of isosceles triangles with a slightly rounded top. The eyes ofEurasier they are dark and rather large, neither sunken nor prominent, with a nice black pigmented border that makes the animal look like made up.

Eurasier: fur

The most evident feature of this breed is the coat that has a very voluminous effect even for the dense one undercoat which covers the whole body. Furthermore, the covering hair is semi-long, except on the muzzle, face, ears and front faces of the limbs. On the contrary, the posterior aspect of the limbs has a much longer hair, as well as the neck but no mane.

The tail is another part very rich in long hair, it is straight, round and tapers progressively towards the tip, which is increasingly bushy. The Eurasier dog the door is turned forward on the back, is slightly curved at the side or rolled up. The coat of this breed can be of any color, all combinations are allowed, except white, streaked with white and liver color (brown).

Eurasier: puppies

Unfortunate i Eurasier puppies intended to be exchanged for a ugly Chow, or for a half-breed from Chow. Growing up they will be able to make up for themselves, on the other hand, blood of that race also flows in their veins, they are related. And it is also thanks to his ancestors that each Eurasier puppy it is a very robust dog: on this breed there is a very low incidence of the "classic" genetic diseases such as hip and elbow dysplasia, eye diseases.

On the other hand, those who adopt a Eurasier puppy he will have to devote himself a lot to the care of the coat, always if he wants to have a nice dog looked after. It would be a shame not to look good on a cloak that is already wonderful at first sight. Not only beautiful: the thick coat means that this dog can stand the cold well. This shouldn't be an excuse to leave him out of the house: let's not forget that it's a lot affectionate and in need of human contact.

Eurasier: breeding

Not being a widespread breed yet, the Eurasier dog little is raised. In Germany, his homeland, there are numerous farms, in Italy only a couple. And both are located in Emilia Romagna: one in the province of Piacenza and the other in that of Bologna. This does not mean that you cannot, for example, look for specimens in kennels, or in farms that treat multiple breeds.

Eurasier: price

A puppy of Eurasier dog it can cost approx 300 euros, specimens can also be found online at half price but there is the unknown about the state of health and conditions in which it was raised. In farms recognized by Enci, such as the two in Italians mentioned above, reported by the official Enci website, you will have the opportunity to know who and where in person. Your childhood Eurasier dog.

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