How to play with a dog

How to play with a dog

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How to play with a dog, it is a question to be taken into consideration not only if our dog is still a puppy but also if he is an adult or even of rheumatism age. Playing only as a child is a concept to be erased from the mind, for any living being, including man, let alone for an animal as our best. four-legged friend.

If as a child playing allows puppies to grow well, both physically and psychologically, and in terms of socialization, once they reach a certain age it is important that they continue to do so, and we will see the reasons. The most obvious are the keep fit and lively, for example: inactivity is a disease that you must never give in to. Of course there are also particularly active dogs to play daily, so that they release their vitality and do not destroy the house.

There are lazy dogs to stimulate so that they do not become obese, like balls, instead of playing with the ball. In general, a dog that has always played in the right measure in life grows and ages healthier, avoiding all ailments and a bad mood. We accordingly.
How to play with a dog: goals

When everyone thinks of like playing with a dog the reasons for doing so and the objectives must be clarified. It is important that the animal exercises and plays, but the activity we propose must also strengthen the dog-owner relationship more and more. It would be better if it generally stimulated him to socialize, to develop instinct and to learn new things every day.

Playing as a daily habit also trains the mind and our dog will also be more receptive, as well as aware of their physical abilities. Then there are, if you want to try your hand, tips on like playing with a dog to develop instinct and make it reach a balance.

How to play with a dog: rules

Rules are very important when you start thinking about what it is like playing with a dog. The rules of the game, of course, but above all by taking a step back, the rules of the relationship that exists between us and him. It must first be clear when the time to play and when to stop, when "joking" and when "working" or "resting" unquestionably. Also to avoid that a sleepless dog offers us to play ball while we are sleeping, or in the middle of the Sunday nap.

Another principle to inculcate and which affects the like playing a dog it is the "here I command". It must be clear before we begin, especially if we have a dominant dog. This stance will also be useful for teaching our dog to obey, starting from the basic orders: he will already have a clear understanding of hierarchy.

These rules on how play with a dog they are valid regardless of breed and size: all dogs love to play as much as everyone needs precise rules to refer to.

How to play with a dog: throwing the ball

Throwing the ball is one of the simplest gestures that come to mind when it comes to mind like playing with a dog. Let's start with throwing the ball and encouraging our friend to run to catch it and bring it back with the precaution of choosing a suitable ball.

If you find more various models in stores, it should be chosen based on the size of the dog with specific attention to the material. You can also do it yourself with a large, deflated ball or a tennis ball cut to be "bite-sized", While remaining intact.

If the dog does not show interest in the ball and does not chase it, we can make it bounce on the ground and, if it follows it with our eyes, throw it by chasing it ourselves. Learn like playing with a dog it often implies getting involved, in every sense, personally.

What if, on the other hand, the dog is convinced to take what we have thrown but has no intention of bringing it back? It often happens that you wander around holding it in your mouth. In the master rules on like playing with a dog, there is in "do not run after him absolutely". Better to lure him with a treat or a treat, or pretend to run away to be chased.

Once the game of throwing the ball is successful, it must be repeated until the dog does it automatically, only then can you indulge yourself by changing scenarios and objects, balls and throwing positions. For example there are those who know how to play with a dog and he does it while running, jogging. Just get a ball and pass it between the paws. It is not for everyone, it depends on us, on our breath and that of the dog.

How to play with your dog: the Frisbee

You can instead of the ball use a frisbee and it is an easy activity, practicable anywhere. The Frisbee must be chosen with care, however, forgetting the classic one we played with as children. It is too hard and damages the animal's mouth, a type that is soft and durable material, which does not break or splinter. On the market there are many models, depending on the size, too.

Equipped with Frisbee, you have to look for a spacious, grassy expanse to learn like playing with a dog, he must be able to run freely. Before starting to launch and demand reactions from a trained dog, let him sniff, nibble and get to know the object, starting as he gains confidence, pulling it close to him. Gradually, further and further away, then, but always close to the ground.

In continuous progression, good results can be obtained even for long casts, but it is important not to make the dog wear out too much with very long casts. They must be not far away, a little to the right and a little to the left, so as not to bore him and bore us. Every so often when you are learning like playing with a dog it is good to stop the activity for about ten minutes, even for a little pampering, as well as to rest.

How to play with your lazy dog

Forget the Frisbee if we have a lazy dog ​​but remember there are ways to play with him. It is a separate chapter of the manual on like playing with a dog but there is. It can be done, and let's not give up on the idea of ​​having a four-legged friend who does not come off the chair. It is important to make sure that he does some movement, it is important for us and for him, just don't expect too much.

The trick up like playing with a dog lazy, is getting him to exercise while still having fun. Once you have checked with your vet that your inertia is not related to a health problem - (anemia or gastrointestinal infections or severe nutritional deficiencies) - you can begin to lay out a strategy, bearing in mind that dogs, like most we, they learn by imitation.

This means that it is recommended to speak emphatically, to make people feel participation, to invite them with cuddles and encouragement to follow us in the proposed game. If the first few moments may appear perplexed, we who know like playing with a dog, we will achieve the goal of making him move and have fun. It can help to reward him with some croquettes and always propose new spaces and stimuli, take him to the park or for a nice walk.

How to play with your senior dog

If a lazy dog ​​can be encouraged a little, in moderation, with an elderly dog ​​it is necessary to understand like playing with a dog respecting its limits. His lifestyle and habits are naturally different from when he was a puppy, the daily rhythms slowed and the needs transformed. The game must be suitable for those who get tired more easily and can also lose agility but absolutely must not turn into an apathetic and inactive being.

Never let the ailments demoralize our four-legged companion. That is why it is essential that you learn like playing with an older dog: to be a happy and fit senior citizen. Everyone must evaluate based on the condition of their pet, there are no strict rules but in general it is better to propose an activity that is within reach and that stimulates both physical and mental level.

For the choice of the toy, it is quite intuitive that the angular or sharp ones should be avoided: choose those that are compact and large enough not to be swallowed, light and free of dangerous frills.

How to play with your aggressive dog

It is appropriate to ask the problem of like playing with a dog even if it is dominant? If he has the habit of biting, growling and showing his teeth how can we have the nerve to propose a game to him? It can be done, after having ascertained with a medical check that the aggression is not a consequence of physical pathologies, often of severe joint pain.

Once this is done you can precede but like playing with a dog aggressive must exclude fighting activities, tug-of-war and the like. And when you play it is not advisable to yell at the dog thinking of scolding him because you get an effect of agitation and excitement that only makes the situation worse.

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