Anatolian shepherd dog: breeding and price

Anatolian shepherd dog: breeding and price

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Shepherd dog from Anatolia, from Turkey a very beautiful, powerful and courageous dog but definitely not an apartment. Nor is it suitable for everyone. Knowing him, you will understand: on the one hand, his mass requires a beastly physique, and his nature is not aggressive but makes him a dog that must be known to take. And educate.

Anatolian Shepherd Dog: origin

Also called Anatolian Karabash or Kangal, the Shepherd dog from Anatolia it is a very ancient breed as are almost all those classified among the Molosser. He comes from the East where many artifacts have been found depicting his ancestors, most likely among these was the Tibet mastiff which even accompanied the Janissaries, the chosen men who worked in the group formed by Mohammed the conqueror in the fourteenth century.

It takes a long time for the breed to become known, in fact we wait until 1965 to see the first Club, founded in Great Britain. On the occasion, its first official Standard was also drawn up. In Italy the Shepherd dog from Anatolia it is not a stranger, but it is not yet widespread, also due to the fact that it is not easily inserted in the home and in the family.

Anatolian shepherd dog: appearance

The size of this dog is very large, the appearance is typical of a molosser. Her physique is massive, and that's not an exaggerated adjective in her case. The Shepherd dog from Anatolia it is muscular and massive, even the head is large and heavy, especially in the male specimens.

Consider that the height at the withers is not under 74 cm and the weight is around 50-64 kg, for the female these figures are lowered but not by much. The female Anatolian Sheepdog also remains a "demanding" animal.

The trunk is powerful, muscular and never fat, the muzzle is square and shows slightly drooping black lips, the nose always black, except in the red-brown ones, and the massive neck. The ears have a triangular shape and are medium in size, rounded at the tip, carried flat on the skull. At rest they are hanging but they rise when the dog is alert.

Golden or brown, the eyes are small and wide apart but deep and very expressive. All colors for the Shepherd dog from Anatolia and its short and thick hair is longer and thicker on the neck and shoulders but everywhere there is a characteristic undercoat.

Anatolian shepherd dog: character

If the dimensions do not allow to define the Shepherd dog from Anatolia an apartment animal, the character makes it clear that it is not suitable for all types of owners. He is not aggressive, unless intruders or dangerous presences threaten his family, but he is a dog with the strong and stubborn character.

Reactive, always used to guarding the flocks, the Shepherd dog from Anatolia he is a hard worker and resists even difficult climatic conditions, whether it is cold or hot. On the contrary, if you think the breed is balanced, the problem that can arise is linked to its independent nature, moreover it is very intelligent, proud and confident.

It is not difficult to teach him how be a guardian, has an innate talent for these roles and will do it in a "professional" way, without disturbing but not letting anything escape. Always alert but showing himself calm, docile and never servile, not even with the owner and family. Let's say it isobedient enough. Not more than. He doesn't give problems with other animals if you get used to being in company as a child: he can get along well with cats too, let alone. It is that he must be convinced and feel free.

Shepherd dog from Anatolia: breeding

In Italy Enci indicates as solo recognized breeding the Lombard one called Turk Aslan On their website they tell that it is a purely amateur breeding, in the province of Bergamo, in Abbazia di Albino. Ours is a rustic breeding with large enclosures, without the classic boxes. Dogs are well socialized, litters are raised in one part of the house and accustomed to people, children and various animals.

Anatolian shepherd dog: photo

If we don't feel like a da Shepherd dog from Anatolia we can however appreciate his muscular physique with some images in which he shows all his imposing beauty.

Anatolian shepherd dog: price

The price of a puppy's Shepherd dog from Anatolia it is not easy to determine as there are very few specimens available. They can also be found online for € 300 but I always recommend contacting and visiting the kennel where our future puppy is growing up. But if we don't have a place to make him grow happy, let's change race and just look at the photos above. The Shepherd dog from Anatolia needs a medium sized garden.

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