Lapinkoira: farms in Italy and cost

Lapinkoira: farms in Italy and cost

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Lapinkoira, an affectionate and soft Finnish dog, attracts cuddles like few others both for its plush appearance and for its adorable character. It is a breed belonging to the group of gods dogs of spitz type and primitive type, in Italy it is not very widespread and there is no other better known that resembles it.

The Lapinkoira it has a solid appearance, a lively air and a very abundant hair that wraps it in a very showy mane. It has always been a dog for reindeer, but lately it is also for families. It has been able to renew itself and is already very much appreciated abroad.

Lapinkoira: Finnish dog

Born in Finland, this breed is enough to observe it and it is evident that it comes from a cold country. He lived for centuries with the Lapps of Finnish Scandinavia and the northern regions of Russia, for them he kept reindeer in exchange for food and lodging. The Lapinkoira I fear it has existed for a long time, has ancient origins, but the various official passages have undergone a series of setbacks.

The first standard was drawn up by the Finnish Kennel Club in 1945 but in 1967 the dog community decided that the breed's name had to be changed, so as to Lapinkoira this beautiful dog has been called from one day to the next Lapland dog. Meanwhile, the standard has been updated and in 1970 the one that we still see valid today arrived.

For the name, to get its name back, the Lapinkoira waited for 1993, returning to be Finnish Lapland Dog. Despite these intricate bureaucratic events, the breed has managed to make itself known and is currently very widespread and appreciated among owners. Especially in his Finland he is one of the most common domestic dogs but this fashion is crossing borders to neighboring countries. Who knows when it will arrive in Italy.

Lapinkoira: puppies

If we saw a puppy of Lapinkoira it is not certain that we would be able to recognize it at the first try since in Italy it is not a very present breed - not even 20 specimens - and there is nothing like it. We have to work with imagination, let's imagine a dog with a solid and powerful appearance, with a robust but at the same time harmonious build.

We don't think of a giant, feeling sturdy and remembering who it is raised with reindeer: its size is medium-small, with a height at the withers ranging from 49 cm for males to 44 for females. Certainly the cloak of the will catch the attention and remain etched in the memory Lapinkoira, already for the puppies very thick and sumptuous. Again, males differ from females by the appearance of one Very rich "mane" and particularly pleasant to watch. And caress, if they let us.

The snout of the Lapinkoira it is short and wide, seen from above and in profile it appears tapering but without becoming pointed. The cheeks are marked by evident cheekbones and the nose, on average large, takes on a color matching the coat each time. The eyes of the Lapinkoira they also have a shade that must be matched with the hair but they keep a fixed but oval shape. And also thesweet and peaceful expression which makes this dog irresistible to those who know him from life. The ears emerge from the much hair, are on average large and triangular in shape, carried raised or semi-raised, always well spaced and very mobile. Like radar.

The definition of solid dog, for the Lapinkoira, also refers a lot to the limbs of this dog, powerful both the front and the rear ones. Muscular, parallel and straight, all with spurless feet, more oval than round, covered with thick hair. It is thus easily explained why the specimens of this one breed from Lapps they prefer a gallop gait, its more natural gait, even over the trot. With such a physique, the Lapinkoira it can only be agile and fast, both at work and on family walks. It is physiologically inevitable.

Lapinkoira: cloak

We have mentioned the coat of this beautiful dog but it is so abundant that it deserves a paragraph in itself. True? Especially in males this is a feature that predominates. For all specimens that meet the standard, however, regardless of sex and age, the hair is voluminous, long on the back, straight and rough. On the head, on the front of the limbs, it is shorter, wherever there is a undercoat fine and tight that only increases the volume effect.

As for the coat colors, on which that of the nose and that of the eyes depend, there are no limitations. The colors are all allowed, there will be a predominant base color which can coexist with others on areas such as the head, neck, chest, lower body, limbs and tail.

By dint of talking about fur, we have forgotten the tail of the Lapinkoira: it has a rather high attachment, a medium length and is - coincidentally - covered by long and abundant coat. It's not over, at the end we can find a J-shaped plume.

Among the most common defects of the Lapinkoira there are some concerning the hair which must absolutely not be curled on the surface and not even of an indeterminable base color. Other physical characteristics not tolerable to feel it breed standard, are the light head, an insufficiently marked stop, the drooping ears and the tail carried continuously below the line of the back.

Lapinkoira: character

Born as a hunting and herding dog for reindeer surveillance the Lapinkoira it is nowadays very appreciated as a companion dog, at home and in general in the Nordic countries where we have many specimens. Given the work he has done for centuries, he is a dog with an alert, very patient, calm character. L'peaceful disposition it doesn't stop him from being very brave when the situation calls for it.

Compared to the more cold and well-known "cousins" Siberian Husky is Alaskan Malamute, the Lapinkoira it is much more likeable and easy-going, just look at the expression on his face, so lively and nice. It is a pleasantly versatile dog and, especially abroad, is often used in projects of Pet therapy, or in dog sports such as dog agility, obedience tests, flyball and dog dance.

Being gentle and affectionate, the Lapinkoira However, it has no problems if we adopt it to simply be a good family dog, it also knows how to adapt to apartment life, moreover: it is enough to guarantee it the ability to move daily as its character requires.

Lapinkoira: farms in Italy

According to the ENCI for the race of Lapinkoira there is only one kennel in Italy to turn to with its certification: it is located in the province of Reggio Emilia, in Poviglio, and in addition to our Finnish dog it also holds theAustralian Shepherd. Looking online, specializing in Lapinkoira, there is also a farm in the province of Varese, in Uboldo. In the last three years, again according to Enci, the number of specimens of this breed present and registered in Italy has gone from 2 to 16, therefore nothing makes us exclude that soon the number of farms of this breed may increase.

Lapinkoira: photo

I asked you to work in fantasy to imagine this Northern plush dog, but some photos can't be missing. Indeed, let's see if we have imagined it correctly.

Lapinkoira: price

The price of a puppy's Lapinkoira it's not easy to get to know. Since there are two well-known farms in Italy, the advice is to contact them directly to also understand the availability of specimens. I guess it's not cheap, and if it's too cheap, we check that all documents and certificates are in place.

Sure, adopt a dog like the Lapinkoira it requires an economic commitment that goes beyond the simple purchase and maintenance. As food, first of all, you must focus on a diet consisting of dry foods of excellent quality, complete and balanced.

As for his education, especially if it is the first experience from dog owner, experts recommend that you turn to a behavioral professional to get the right advice. Not speaking Finnish, you have to somehow understand each other.

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