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Energy Festival, from the 12 to 14 May in Milan a three days of free events that we are all invited to attend. To listen and invest some of our time, and also wanting our participatory energies, in view of a near future in which the forms of energy in use are chosen increasingly in harmony with the idea of ​​respecting the environment.

Now in its ninth edition, the Energy Festival this year aims to develop the concept "Energy to Come, the right to the future”Proceeding along three guidelines: geopolitics, innovation, sustainability. They are not three parallel tracks but three important strands to be intertwined with the skill and collaboration of the many actors involved. The three days scheduled in Milan will also serve this purpose, especially thanks to a new format of public hearing which sees politicians listening to the demands of the energy supply chain "live".

Energy Festival: where

Significant than the Energy Festival is projected towards the future, and upwards, the locations chosen to be the theater for the meetings. We are in Milan and, at most, in one of the districts that has mostly become a symbol of positive change and technology.

We are betweenUnicredit Pavilion, in piazza Gae Aulenti 10, and the Catella Foundation, in via de Castilla 28, a few steps from the Milano Porta Garibaldi railway station and the MM5 ISOLA and MM2- MM5 Garibaldi F.S. Why al Energy Festival you can arrive, if you can, by public transport. True?

In the heart of the most modern city in the country, in its most innovative and international area, the three days of Energy Festival they can only find the right atmosphere to look at the future of energy with a proactive and positive spirit in view of techno / digital, political and environmental change in place. Inevitably, sometimes fortunately, inexorably.

Energy Festival: what it is

The Energy Festival is the largest national event dedicated to energy issues, it is an annual but secular and super partes event in which companies, politics, institutions, research, media, civil society and opinion leaders. The only position taken is the green one, with a nod to the future without too much "crying about wasted energy".

The Energy Festival from 12 to 14 May proposes round tables, comparisons and leading talks around the topic, this year, as anticipated, the reference concept is "Energy to Come, the right to the future". Sometimes more technically, other times in a more colloquial and friendly way, there will be the opportunity to intercept and embrace innovative thinking, the culture of excellence and economic dynamics.

To have our say, to get an idea, to plan big or even more simply to apply the most of the most in everyday life virtuous and energetically convenient.

Energy Festival: objectives

"There is no future without innovation, there is no innovation without a vision of change, there is no vision of change without sustainability": with three simple but important steps, this is how he explains his vision on the future of energy Alexander Beulcke, president of Aris (Information and Society Research Agency), a reality that promotes the Energy Festival in collaboration with Greening Marketing Italy (GMI), a consulting company committed to promoting the green economy and supporting technological-environmental innovation.

Francesco Ferrante (administrator of GMI and vice president of the Kyoto Club) promises that "at the Festival we will discuss the most effective choices to allow our country to play a leading role in the current energy revolution", not forgetting, indeed, reminding us that on April 22 the world leaders have signed in New York the agreement shared in Paris on the occasion of the COP21 and that the topic of energy, including investments, is increasingly at the center of the world debate.

Energy Festival: partners and friends

In addition to Aris and GMI, the energies to make the Energy FestivalCorriere della Sera, AEM Foundation, Kyoto Club and Politecnico di Milano also supplied them. There is the partnership with Assoelettrica and Assorinnovabili, essential, as important and significant as the importance of the event is institutional patronage of the European Commission, Presidency of the Council of Ministers, Ministry of the Environment, Ministry of Economic Development, Lombardy Region, Municipality of Milan and Milan Chamber of Commerce. Not to be overlooked is the contribution of the Cariplo Foundation which made possible the Energy Festival.

Energy Festival: program

Before browsing through the appointments of the Energy Festival, it should be noted that these are events open to the public. By consulting the program on the site it is also possible to register for single appointments.

It starts on Thursday 12 May, atUnicredit Pavilion in piazza Gae Aulenti 10: it is the opening day of Energy Festival 2016 and the first theme is "the geopolitical balance of the global energy market and the implementation of sustainable energy at the urban level". We talk about it sitting at two round tables with the possible presence of Minister of Infrastructure Graziano Delrio.

Also on Thursday it will also be possible to hear a series of “visionary interventions” from those who look ahead and upwards every day in their own reflection. Three names for all: the architect Stefano Boeri, the Harvard professor Leonardo Maugeri and the astronaut Paolo Nespoli.

The second day of the Energy Festival will take place at the Catella Foundation, in via de Castilla 28, which will be the backdrop to the innovative meeting of "Public hearing". Innovative because politicians are silent and listen to the sector of production and energy consumption to present their requests, in a 5-minute speech. On the same day, Friday, there will also beAssoelettrica Annual Meeting, an opportunity to get to know the picture of the electricity market at European level, including smart cities, decarbonisation and renewables.

There will be moments of discussion on investment and technological development and green economy, interpreted as the third industrial revolution. Finally, a more Milanese appointment, with the candidates for mayors of the city who will pronounce themselves on "What energies for Milan”.

The third and last day of the Energy Festival, which falls on Saturday (May 14), is dedicated to families and the general public who will be able to reach the Casa dell'Energia (Piazza Po 3) and the Polytechnic-Campus Bovisa (v. Lambruschini 4) by visiting the exhibitions set up for the occasion.

Reaching them by public transport is simple, after two days of Energy Festival i hope you choose to do so. In any case, all the information is available on the festival website and on the official facebook and twitter profiles.

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