Bichon Havanais: character and price

Bichon Havanais: character and price

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Bichon Havanais, even without "h", the Avanese, is a pet dog very soft, it comes from Cuba, at least so it seems, and in recent years in Italy it is depopulating. Almost. Its presence is constantly increasing and it is enough to look at its nice face to understand why. We will discover that it is also an animal with a beautiful physique and a sociable character.

Bichon Havanais: origins

The origins of the Bichon Havanais, little is known about him, even now, there are even those who question his nationality, which would be Cuban. Also given the name. What is certain is that as a breed it has a correlation with the “Bichon Frisé”.

The most widespread hypothesis argues that the Bichon Havanais it was imported to the island of Cuba by groups of sailors from the Canaries, there is also a version that involves us Italians.

In fact, Emilian peasants would have exported their ownBolognese dog then giving way to a new breed by crossing it with the "Dwarf Poodles". The dog obtained would take the name of Bichon Havanais because it was selected in Cuba, its alias also refers to its origin linked to the island: Havana silk dog.

Bichon Havanais: weight

Small size and small size for the Bichon Havanais that with its kilos confirms itself as an almost portable dog. The breed standard indicates a maximum weight of 6 kg, generally between males and females it starts from 3 kg and reaches the limit not to be exceeded absolutely. As for height at the withers the measurements go from 20 to 28 cm, for both sexes.

Although of modest weight, the Bichon Havanais it is a dog with the right relationships in its appearance, it has the right proportions as a whole. Obviously it appears to be small in constitution but not to be underestimated. It is not frail but solid and stable, even the bone has a balanced relationship with the skull.

Bichon Havanais: puppies

The puppies of Bichon Havanais they are immediately soft, irresistibly likeable with an appearance that ranges from funny to sweet. Body, head, ears and tail are entirely covered with a thick hair and the expression is typical of this dog, lively and affectionate, expressing joy.

As for the body, the trunk is slightly longer than high, the head and muzzle are sharp, the cheeks are very flat and the skull flat and broad. The truffle of the Bichon Havanais it is always and only black in color, the ears are particularly pointed but fall back forming a sweet light fold.

The eyes are a part of the appearance of the most attractive, also for what they emanate: they are large and very dark. The tail of the dogs of this breed is coiled and absolutely well trimmed with long silky hairs. The hair all over the body is rather flat but with strands that have a tendency to "re-knot" at their ends, one with the other.

The muzzle may show a shorter coat but this is a small matter, and it is usually best left natural. As for the color, of the coat of the Bichon Havanais, it can be beige, more or less charged, or brown, gray or white. If spots of other colors appear it is not serious, the standard allows it, but the pure white coat is rarer and less appreciated.

Beyond the chromatic, it should be specified even if it is obvious that the Bichon Havanais it has a strong need to be looked after and well maintained in its coat, clean and possibly tidy. In case of dog competitions, you cannot go out of line.

Bichon Havanais: character

There is no dog with a more suitable character to be described as the best candidate to become the perfect companion dog. First of all because it is always cheerful and always lively: essential for those who have to be by our side all day, even when not everything is going well. He, the Bichon Havanais, arrives happy and carefree, to remind us that life, whether it is the life of a dog or a human, is beautiful.

The specimens of this breed are not at all suspicious, usually, on the contrary they immediately give confidence even to strangers, as long as they show themselves kind. Sure a Bichon Havanais he can't be a great watchdog, he better concentrates to keep us happy or to play with the children he is so loved by.

With the owner he is joyful, affectionate, obedient and loyal, he also shows himself an excellent traveling and walking companion. Undoubtedly it has many characteristics similar to the "Bichon à poil frisé ”.

Bichon Havanais: breeding

On the ENCI website, farms of Bichon Havanais around all of Italy. There is one in Rimini, in Emilia Romagna, one in Gorizia, in Friuli Venezia Giulia, another in Imperia, in Liguria. And then also in the province of Rome, one, and one again in the Verona area, in Veneto. In Tuscany, Enci indicate one in the province of Lucca while Piedmont is the only region that boasts two, of Bichon Havanais. One near Asti and another near Novara.

Bichon Havanais: price

The price of a copy of Bichon Havanais it has a rather high price, over 800 euros, and the more sought after and known, the more perhaps this figure will rise. In Italy, since 2008, the number of specimens belonging to this breed has risen. From the 8 registered in 2008 on the Enci website, we went to 75 last year. If this continues, and continues to be so nice, this Bichon Havanais could become more popular than the Chihuahua.

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