Wild fennel jam

Wild fennel jam

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Wild fennel jam: the recipe to prepare this unusual jam with wild fennel or common fennel. Properties of the plant and other uses in the kitchen.

Foeniculum vulgare

Thewild fennelwild fennelor againFoeniculum vulgare,is a plant listed in thelist of edible wild herbs. Its uses in the kitchen are many: delwild fenneleverything is consumed, leaves, stems, shoots, the so-called pith of the stems and those we improperly callfennel seeds. In fact, iwild fennel seedsthey are small fruits that sprout from the inflorescences.

The flowers ofwild fennelthey are used to flavor boiled chestnuts, mushrooms (cooked in the oven or in a pan), olives in brine and pork, an example is the porchetta produced in Campania, Umbria and Lazio. The so-called "fennel seeds”Are used to flavor Apulian and Campanian tarallini, to spice hot wine and to enrich fresh meats (hamburgers, sausages and roasts).

Therefennel jamit is an uncommon delicacy, so much so that hisrecipeit's hard to find even online.

Wild fennel: properties

The wild fennelit is an excellent natural remedy to deflate the belly and drain excess fluids. It can also be useful during pregnancy because it helps produce breast milk; it helps digestion and regulates cholesterol.

Thewild fennelhas several medicinal properties, among the most important recognized are thepropertygalactogoghe (wild fennel promotes milk production in mothers) so as to be useful during breastfeeding.

Also popular are the carminative properties (wild fennel reduces the formation of intestinal gas), diuretic, anti-cholesterol, stomachic (promotes gastric / digestive function) and provides the body with antioxidant substances.

In the intestine it exerts an antiseptic action, excellent for restoring the right bacterial flora. For the samepropertyantiseptic, in ancient times, wild fennel was used as a natural preservative for pickles, dried figs, olives and meats.

How are the properties of wild fennel exploited? Herbal preparations can be used for use.

Some companies (such as France Direct Shop) offer tablets based onwild fennelto burn fat. To date, there is no scientific evidence that can lead to believe that wild fennel can somehow burn up the glycogen reserves of our body.

Wild fennel jam

There wild fennel jam it can also be prepared withfennelgrown in the fields but would not have the samearomatic flavor.

The taste of wild fennel jam varies according to the varieties harvested. Wild fennel can be more or less aromatic, more or less sweet or even very spicy! Wild fennel tends to be spicy and bitter when harvested on arid soils and when the plant has very thickened shoots.

To get goodwild fennel jam, be sure to collect the tenderest and best period shoots as proposed in oursrecipe.

For therecipe for wild fennel jam you will need:

  • 300 g of wild fennel or fennel
    The wild fennel must be harvested before flowering so as to be more tender, sweet and suitable for the preparation of jam. You can collect leaves, stems and leaf sheaths.
  • 2 apples
    Apples work fromnatural thickener, so you avoid the use of packaged pectin or "pec fruit ", they also make the fennel jam sweeter.
  • sugar
    Add a quantity of sugar that is compatible with your palate and with the flavor of the harvested plant.

I advise you to underestimate the amount of sugar to add. An excess of sugar would cover the aromatic flavor of the fennel. In any case, in the proceedings of the recipe I will explain how to calculate the exact amount of sugar to add to fennel jam to obtain a moderately sweet flavor.

Wild fennel jam: how to make it

It starts with cooking and ends up putting themarmaladefinished in sterile jars.

1) Cooking
Finely chop all parts of the fennel and transfer them to a saucepan together with the sliced ​​apple. Add a cup of water: the water must be enough to allow the fennel and apple to cook perfectly without burning the bottom of the pot.

2) Vegetable mill
Bring to a boil and boil until the apples and fennel can be reduced to a puree: drain well and pass everything in a vegetable mill.

3) Sugar
Weigh the puree and add the same weight in sugar to obtain a sweet jam. Reduce the amount of sugar if you prefer to emphasize the aromatic flavor of the fennel.

4) Finish cooking
Transfer everything to the heat (puree + sugar) and boil. To understand when the jam is ready, take a teaspoon of fennel jam and spread the jam on a cold shelf. If this jam, cooling down, has reached the desired consistency, you can finish cooking, otherwise continue.

5) Jars
When the wild fennel jam is ready, transfer it to sterile and airtight jars. You can pasteurize the jars and keep them until the moment of using the jam.

Other recipes with wild fennel? You can try the digestive liqueur: fennel liqueur.

How to eat fennel jam

There fennel or fennel jam it can be used as any jam, on bread with butter, with rusks ... or as a sweet sauce for cheeses and meats.

In fact, if you wish to use thefennel jamto accompany cheese and meat, you can reduce the amount of sugar and add a few peppercorns during cooking.

For an even stronger flavor, you can replace the two apples with 2 Tropea red onions and an orange. In this way you will get a sweet and sour variant to be used exclusively to accompany cheeses and meats.

Wild fennel in the kitchen

If you have doubts about wild fennel (you don't know where to collect it or what parts of the plant to use) or want to know other uses in the kitchen, I invite you to read the articleWild fennel, where to find it.

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