World Yoga Day

World Yoga Day

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World Yoga Day, an appointment fixed for on June 21 and dedicated to a discipline capable of transforming the body and mind. This is not illusionism because numerous researchers in the scientific field show a growing interest in Yoga and the beneficial effects it has on our health.

While we investigate, with a lot of experiments and ad hoc studies, on what specific practices are like Hatha Yoga, Bikram Yoga and Yoga Iyengar start in our body and in our mind, on June 21 we can happily celebrate this World Yoga Day. Curious and open to knowing what it is or, if already experts, to deepen and share this passion.

Yoga: discipline for the well-being of the body and mind

Celebrate the World Yoga Day aware of the possible benefits associated with it, living is a whole different life, so let's listen immediately. In a short time, those who begin to practice Yoga can immediately appreciate how, if done on a regular basis, it helps to adopt new habits especially concerning self-care and self.

There World Yoga Day it may be the first of a long series of days in which we can consistently train ours willpower and the desire to improve inside and out without expecting too much, from ourselves, but not even being "mollaccioni". Balance, it takes, and it is also one of the key words of World Yoga Day.

Other short-term benefits of yoga are for example the improvement of brain functions, reduced stress levels, increased resistance and also greater flexibility of the shoulders, back and knees. Especially if you are dedicated to Bikram Yoga.

Starting Yoga in the World Yoga Day on June 21st in a few months we will notice a drop in blood pressure, which should be of particular interest to those suffering from mild or moderate hypertension. Women, especially, could end up with a heated and renewed sexual desire, linked to the improvement of the relationship with one's body that Yoga often gives us together with a decrease in neck pain, if we had any, and a reduction of anxiety and depression, if they weren't psychiatric.

Seniors who are in doubt in attending the World Yoga Day they must be convinced immediately: after a few weeks they could improve their balance thus preventing falls. If then a couple of years go by and we continue to practice, World Yoga Day after World Yoga Day, we will find ourselves with stronger bones, always with a reasonable healthy and stable weight and a reduced cardiovascular risk.

World Yoga Day: when to celebrate

2019 is the fifth year that the World Yoga Day, June 21st, at the Summer Solstice. This is also because the ancient Hindu tradition of Yoga indicates that Shiva begins to transmit his teachings on this very day, the prime minister of India reminded the world of it Narendra Modi who, as a loyal and passionate practitioner of Yoga, asked the General Assembly of the United Nations for the World Yoga Day supported by over 175 countries.

Furthermore, everyone agrees with the fact that this discipline is among the solutions to climate change being linked to the idea of ​​harmony between man and nature, of union between the individual and the infinite, the Planet. Hoping that World Yoga Day push us towards greater respect for the environment and greater green awareness.

World Yoga Day in Milan: events

TO NoLo, an increasingly lively area of ​​Milan, various initiatives are planned for the International Yoga Day, on the evening of 21 June 2019, starting at 7 pm at the Parco Martesana starting from a free yoga practice designed for the occasion and suitable for everyone in the magical atmosphere of the sound of Tibetan bells.

At 8.15 pm we continue with a acroyoga jam, organized by the AcroNolers group, also open to those approaching this spectacular discipline for the first time. AcroNolers often give rise to impromptu raids, both in the neighborhood and in other areas of the city, on the occasion of events. Registrations can be made directly on the day of the event.

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