Podenco Canario: character and breeding

Podenco Canario: character and breeding

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Podenco Canario, a hunting dog but not only: it is now considered a dog with at least a triple use, for hunting but also for guarding and keeping us and our family company. It is classified among the Spitz type and primitive type dogs and does not take its name from country of origin and not even from the one who welcomed him, but gives the name to the islands on which he lands populating them in a completely unusual way. Here is where the islets where it almost colonizes them are called Canary Islands.

Podenco Canario: origins

It is a very ancient breed Podenco Canario also said for the Canarian dog, it must go to 1000 BC. to begin to investigate its birth as a race. It should have started in Egypt, this dog is said to derive from those of the Egyptian Pharaohs of the last dynasties crossed with others imported into Europe, the Iberian Peninsula and the Canary Islands.

Accomplices of Podenco Canario it is the Phoenician traders who brought him to the islands. In the past this breed was almost exclusively used for hunting wild rabbit, then its skill was discovered also with other prey and in other hunting activities but also not. Over the centuries it has been increasingly successful but has officially become a breed only recently, on June 24, 1987, during the F.C.I. in Tel Aviv.

Podenco Canario: puppies

The puppies of Podenco Canario they are not huge but very muscular immediately, with short hair and a never curled tail. This dog is considered to be of medium-small size, is slender and elegant, with lean muscles and a general constitution light but firm and resistant.

At the withers a Podenco Canario male measures between 55 and 64 cm, if female between 53 and 60 cm, in both cases will be equipped with one well developed skeleton and characterized by the absence of connective tissue on the side, along the spine and on the hip bones.

This breed shows a well developed trunk, marked hips and a strong and muscular back just perfect for running and typical activities for those who, like him, are a hunting champion, appreciated for centuries.The elongated head has a conical shape. It is proportionate and about 21 cm long in the adult specimens, with a little marked stop and a wide nose and not the usual black but flesh colored, well matched to the color of the coat.

The head is supported by a neck that is usually straight and supple but strong, and then the ears appear: quite large, wide at the base but pointed in the end, when the Podenco Canario is agitated they stand up and diverge. The eyes of this hunting dog are not large, but oblique, almond-shaped and of a color that can vary from more or less dark amber to brown. The tail must never be rolled up, it is set low, it is a little rounded and thin at the end, it is usually white. The rest of the hair instead is preferably red with white spots.

By red we mean both an intense shade and other less charged shades, but also the dark red (mahogany), all color combinations allowed. To the touch the coat is smooth, it is always short and compact.

Podenco Canario: character

This is a very reactive dog Podenco Canario and this was to be expected since it hunts a lot and hunts even fast and small animals well. And smart. In addition to hunting activities, he also dedicates himself to being the house keeper and family friend. His temperament and temperament are almost unanimously praised and appreciated: he is a determined and determined dog but also trainable without problems and used to following directions and listening.

Character the Podenco Canario he is usually courageous, at times nervous, agitated, dynamic, passionate about his hunting but also in the game, impetuous but never ever aggressive. Both physically and morally he has an incredible resistance, and then he becomes very fond of his master without ever daring to contradict him.

As a hunting dog, specializing in catching wild rabbit, he has an excellent sense of smell and is in fact among the best track dogs. This means that it doesn't bark a lot and has an agile, elongated and very light gait.

Podenco Canario: farms

In Italy it is very difficult to find farms of Podenco Canario, the ENCI site does not report any certificates and even if you search online you cannot find any specialized ones. If any breeder reads us, we will be happy to report his activity so that all fans of the Podenco Canario may know it.

Let's start to see what it is to consider as recurring defect when evaluating a specimen of this breed. Some examples: non-standard measurements, absence of premolars, curled tail, excessively large head, too pronounced stop, drooping lips, too much divergent ears, prominent sternum, flat chest, aggressive or too shy behavior.

Podenco Canario: price

Not being much bred nor widespread in Italy it is difficult for me to provide an estimate of the price for a puppy of this breed. Of course its rarity will not make it cheap, other Podencos are around 500 -1000 euros but it is best to contact a kennel that has a litter of Podenco Canario to get a figure and a description of the animal.

In Spain these dogs are often abandoned or worse still killed (!) At the end of the hunting season so you could consider getting information to save one from its sad fate instead of buying it on the farm. Clearly in this case, however, it will be much more difficult to have reassurance on pedigree, purity of the breed and vaccination certificates.

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