Slowness Festival 2016

Slowness Festival 2016

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Slowness Festival, three days of events and meetings to experience a lifestyle that we will no longer be able to do without. What makes slowness the rule, and not the exception that the dense daily agendas grant almost by chance, and fortunately, once and for all.

From the 17 to 19 June all in Colorno, in the province of Parma, therefore, to slow down by increasing the quality of our life, because during the Slowness Festival we will be able to touch, see and taste, how resisting the daily frenzy by putting the brake on allows us to look at the reality that surrounds us in a different way.

It is not a stopping, but one discover a different way of interacting with the environment that surrounds us and with ourselves. Impossible undertaking as long as we whiz around physically and mentally 24 hours a day as we are often used to doing. From 17 to 19, however, with the "excuse" of Slowness Festival, let's allow ourselves to break the rhythm.

We can always give the "blame" - which will then become the merit - to the organizers of this counter-trend event, capable of changing the lifestyle of those who participate. And I'm talking aboutNational Association of Virtuous Municipalities that promote the Slowness Festival in collaboration with the Municipality of Colorno (Parma) with the patronage of the Province of Parma, of Slow Food, of Authentic villages of Italy, of Banca Popolare Etica.

The scenography alone already deserves a moment of slowing down to appreciate its beauty: we are at Ducal Palace which will be the setting for public meetings, theatrical performances, concerts, the many workshops for children and adults and all the recreational activities that the program of the Slowness Festival has in store for us.

Great space for environmental sustainability issues that go hand in hand with the quality of life and find an excellent showcase to talk about in the stand of Virtuous municipalities: who if not these certified excellences, they can best show the too often ignored small but great green & slow realities scattered throughout Italy, hidden in small villages.

Then, there is "The corner of good practices”Whose name speaks for itself and hosts various associations and companies that come from everywhere to Slowness Festival to demonstrate how it is possible, with small, well-chosen gestures, to change the lifestyles and daily choices of citizens for the better.

If all these ideas, despite the slowness, make us hungry, there is a whole at our disposal "Earth Market ”organized by Slow Food with organic products, and within the Palace itself there will be food trucks ready to offer the specialties of the places from which they arrived in Parma on the occasion of the Slowness Festival.

Organic food, therefore, that tastes of tradition, to be enjoyed calmly, savoring its essence, as well as its taste, which no one can question. Even in nutrition, slowness becomes precious and gives each bite a depth of different meanings ... and to those who eat, a more agile digestion. The same is true, and those who are experts know it, for the wine tasting: to the Slowness Festival you can discover the natural ones proposed by "Libera, Enological Association ”of Parma.

This second edition of the event is dedicated to women, and this can also be seen in the two exhibitions hosted: one is photographic, curated by Color’s Light, the other is pictorial, with works by Beppe Mecconi. Both address the theme of the feminine as well as one of the guests: Serena Dandini. The actress arrives in Colorno with her family monologues against femicide in the show "Wounds to death" staged on Saturday 18 June at 9.30pm.

Among the friends of the Festival of slowness there are also Paola Turci, Mauro Corona, Michela Marzano and Stefano Benni: they have decided to change pace and to participate in the demonstration of the National Association of Virtuous Municipalities ready to take off their watches and take their days in hand, together with those who will come to Colorno to meet them.

In the program of the Slowness Festival, available on the official website of the event, there is no shortage of activities dedicated to children, because it is better to learn to slow down as children, and so that even the parents of young visitors can actively participate without chasing their children. The "Junior" Slowness Festival offers animated readings, pastry courses, juggling shows and creative workshops to discover new passions and slowly intense worlds.

All scheduled shows are free, thanks to a crowdfunding and who "lemme lemme" arrives at Slowness Festival from afar, in order not to make a hit and run visit, which does not fit well with the three-day philosophy, there is the tourist package "Virtuous Travel " specially designed to make "foreigners" grasp the opportunity to get to know the territory, a territory rich in tasty gastronomic, artistic, cultural opportunities offered by the virtuous municipalities of Parma, Montechiarugolo, Mezzani, Busseto and Colorno.

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