Schapendoes: character and breeding

Schapendoes: character and breeding

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Schapendoes: from Holland it arrived in Italy but is not yet well known, it belongs to the disparate group of long-haired shepherd dogs and is recognized by its nice snout with a lot of hair. Very hair and also very shaggy. This breed is not very common outside its homeland, it has always been appreciated as a keeper of rams but with pleasure and good mood It also "guards" flocks of people. It is in fact an excellent companion dog and its appearance as a large plush toy can only please even the little ones.

Schapendoes: origins

In the area of Netherlands this breed began to spread between the end of the nineteenth century and the beginning of the twentieth century, although during the Second World War it seriously risked disappearing from the face of the Earth. The savior of the Schapendoes later deservedly baptized "father of the breed" is a passionate and dreamy dog ​​lover named P.M.C. Toepoel.

Determined, after the war he did everything so that today we can all caress one Schapendoes. Not only that, thanks to his action in 1947 the first Club of the breed was established and in 1954 the official standard also arrived. There International Cynological Federation he then kept this beautiful gentle dog on his toes for 17 years, finally giving definitive acceptance of the standard much later.

Meanwhile it Schapendoes he made a career in Holland as an expert in the custody of herds of rams, above all thus remaining in the company of shepherds. Today he is not well known outside the Netherlands but he is beginning to make it clear that he is well capable of being a companion dog, even a citizen. This breed is related to Bearded Collie, with the Puli dog, L'Owczarek Nizinny, the Bobtail, the Briard, the Bergamasco and the Poodle from German herd in the varieties found in Hesse, in the Odenwald and in the Lower Rhine region. They are all related dogs, deriving from "mountain" type dogs.

Schapendoes: characteristics

This shepherd dog is medium in size, at the withers a male specimen of Schapendoes it measures from 43 to 50 cm and a female from 40 to 47. They are animals in any case of light construction, well proportioned and with excellent muscles, well distributed and not exaggerated.

The trunk is first and foremost rather light and muscular, even the limbs despite being robust do not make this dog stocky but remain perfectly upright, with excellent angles but without excesses. The head of the Schapendoes it is covered with hair, the muzzle has a not too square shape but difficult to guess for the reason explained above: the hair! However, we note theFrank, loyal and lively expression: typical of the breed.

The nose is black, very broad and evident, the ears are not large but come out high and then hang not too tight and not too fleshy. The eyes also emerge from the fur, indeed the eyes because they are large and very sweet, round and brown in color.

Before moving on to thick fur of the Schapendoes a word or two on the tail, long, well endowed with hair and fringes: it hangs softly but in the trot it sways here and following the lively gait. The coat of this breed is one of the characteristics that I love the most, seeing it. Very thick, with undercoat and hair over 7 cm, always slightly wavy and of any color you want even if the colors preferred by dog ​​experts are those around gray-blue tending to black.

Schapendoes: character

Indefatigable, very dedicated to work and gifted with abundant intelligence: these are the characteristics that make him Schapendoes he immediately became one of the favorite companions of Dutch shepherds. And it is understandable that they have kept him dear, even if today the rumor has passed from mouth to mouth and this dog so balanced and never, never, never nervous or quick-tempered, is winning more and more fans of all kinds. Families understood that they see him as a companion dog. It is also excellent with children and can prove itself courageous, careful and agile in case it is necessary to stand guard.

The Schapendoes he has always well developed hearing, sight and smell, given his first vocation as a shepherd dog, he is also skilled in jumping: a characteristic that distinguishes him from other dogs of the same category.
Resistant, fast and mobile, it moves agile and elegant and in the family it is not at all ashamed to show itself affectionate, attentive, very cheerful and kind. He was so with the flocks of rams they entrusted to him, today he is equally so with us.

Schapendoes: farms

Not being a very popular dog, it is Schapendoes so far it has been raised in only one place in Italy, at least as indicated by the official website of ENCI. To have a puppy of this breed, you must therefore contact the breeding Des Uns et Des Autres, located in Monzambano, in the Lombard province of Mantua.

By little circulation we mean about twenty specimens registered by Enci, a more or less static situation in the last decade, with no decreases or increases, at the moment, visible. To date it is therefore unlikely to cross one Schapendoes On the road. In case we now know how to recognize it.

Schapendoes: price

To know the price of a copy of this Dutch breed, to buy it in Italy, it is advisable to contact the Mantuan kennel reported and recognized by Enci directly so that you can also know the available litters and the feeling that we could have with the dog itself.

In general, the most recurring defects that may arise, also affecting the price of the Schapendoes for example, a depigmented nose, poorly worn ears, lack of premolars, incorrect movement, a fearful or aggressive character, a clear eye and insufficient muscle mass.

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