Homemade calendula oil

Homemade calendula oil

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Homemade calendula oil: instructions and tips for making calendula oil at home starting from the fresh plant.

Ofmarigoldsthere are several species, the best known is the one cultivated for ornamental purposes, for its large yellow-orange flowers, theCalendula officinalis. Who has no crops of calendula officinaliscan prepare calendula oil at home starting fromwild species, better known asmarigold of the fields. Theremarigold of the fields is a spontaneous species (Calendula arvensis) with smaller, defined flowerswild marigoldbecause it grows spontaneously almost everywhere, even on the roadside!

On the web there are many recipes that explain how to prepare calendula oil, its properties and uses, often these recipes are in contradiction with each other, for this reason, to prepare calendula oil at home, we will rely on a guide on paper, the one written byElisa Nicoliin his book "The neighbor's grass". I recommend that you buy this book if you want to collect and use wild herbs for natural remedies while if you like to use wild herbs in the kitchen (the calendula itself is edible), I recommend that you read the bookRecognize and cook good herbs.

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Homemade calendula oil

To prepare homemade marigold oil, the first thing to do is to collect the flowers and dry them completely in a cool, moisture-free place. How many flowers to collect? Just enough to completely fill a jar that you will then fill with a vegetable oil. The ratio to be respected between flowers and oil should be about 1:10 but as stated, there are no fixed rules.

For the preparation of calendula oil, many recommend the use of extra virgin olive oil but if you prefer to leave more room for the scent of calendula, you can use good quality canola oil.

The jar containing vegetable oil and calendula flowers should be exposed to the sun for the entire maceration phase which should last at least 3 weeks.

Once the maceration phase is complete, all you have to do is filter the oil obtained andbottle it. For filtration, sift the flowers with gauze by pouring the calendula oil thus obtained into a dark glass bottle, preferably equipped with a dropper.

L'homemade calendula oilit can be kept for a few years, storage times depend on how good you were at drying the flowers and sieving the oil obtained.

Calendula oil, where to buy it

In the industrial field, together with maceration, in order to better extract the active ingredients contained in the plant cells of the calendula, an additional mechanical stress is carried out. For this reason, the product we find on the market sees more appreciable concentrations of active ingredients. Who doesn't love the do-it-yourselfor prefer acalendula oilmore concentrated, you can buy ready-made calendula officinalis oil, yes ... but where? In herbal medicine or taking advantage of the online purchase.

For more information, please refer to the official Amazon page: "100% Pure Calendula Oil, we have recommended this product because it has an excellent value for money. A 100 ml bottle can be bought for only 7.50 euros and free shipping costs.

Those who prefercalendula oilhomemade, you can leave to soak 100 grams of dried calendula flowers in half a liter of sweet almond oil. Sweet almond oil easily penetrates the skin, exerting an emollient and moisturizing action, so as to assist the action of calendula. For more information:Almond oil.

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