Wholemeal bread with mother yeast: video recipe

Wholemeal bread with mother yeast: video recipe

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Wholemeal bread with mother yeast, in every season it is an excellent food to accompany meals, healthy and with many properties that not everyone knows: it is highly digestible, soft and very tasty. And not everyone knows, or thinks they are able, to be able to prepare it themselves. And yet it is like this, without being born bakers, we can learn how to bake Wholemeal bread with mother yeast, for us, for a dinner with friends, to have a new taste experience and before that of touch and life.

Bread, whatever Wholemeal bread with mother yeast or otherwise, it has long played a central role in culinary traditions around the world. In Italy we are particularly greedy for it, and there is nothing wrong with it because it is a food that does good. And it caters to every palate, whether it is salty or not, crunchy or mushy, or even - yes, there are also these people - in a box.

Before choosing your favorite bread it is interesting to know the diversity in ingredients and manufacturing processes that influence how we will see the nutritional properties, but not only, of Wholemeal bread with mother yeast and all the other types of bread among which we find ourselves choosing.

Wholemeal bread with mother yeast: what it is

Let's start with the individual ingredients of ours Wholemeal bread with mother yeast. There wholemeal flour, with its typical powdery consistency, it is usually mixed with water, oil or eggs, or similar ingredients, both for cooking bread and for pasta. It is obtained by grinding the kernels of common wheat after they have been freed from foreign substances and impurities.

The other ingredient underlying the recipe for Wholemeal bread with mother yeast and the mother yeast, in fact. Also known as sour yeast, sourdough, natural yeast or sourdough, it is nothing more than a simple simple dough of flour and water, acidified by the proliferation of yeasts and lactic bacteria. It is used, for bread as for other similar food, to start the natural fermentation of the compound. For those wishing to learn more, there is the article "Mother yeast: all instructions”Which explains everything.

Wholemeal bread with mother yeast: properties and benefits

Known the ingredients of Wholemeal bread with mother yeast, let's see why we should ever start preparing this type of bread. In general, when you have to choose between the numerous versions of this food, what you must pay attention to first is the flour: the best are those which, in addition to being of quality, also have a good protein component, essential for structuring a good gluten mesh.

The protein content to ensure good bread making it must be around 14-16%, when this percentage is too high, you risk getting too compact and not at all appetizing bread. The classic "brick" that is more useful elsewhere than in our stomach, for days.

Simplifying, I apologize to professional bakers, the type of flour determines the number and thickness of the "bubbles", if we choose it whole, as in Wholemeal bread with mother yeast that we will prepare, we can count on obtaining a less alveolate food, but softer than that prepared with a refined flour. It is always the "fault" of the fibers: they determine a minor alveolation but at the same time they bind with a large amount of water.

The Wholemeal bread with mother yeast therefore, because it is whole, it is softer and less rich in bubbles, but also has properties related to the leavening process. The Mother yeast he gives his contribution, which should not be overlooked. It is precisely this ingredient, in fact, that makes the Wholemeal bread with more digestible mother yeast and at the same time with a lower glycemic index. Always the mother yeast, compared to the brewer's yeast, gives the bread a more decisive and pleasant aromatic touch.

Wholemeal bread with mother yeast: ingredients

Let's get ready to prepare the Wholemeal bread with mother yeast, procuring the necessary ingredients and the plan on which to then act. Let's consider we want to unmold a kg of bread. As for the flour, it takes 330 grams of type 00 soft wheat flour, 120 of whole wheat flour and as many of cassava flour.

To these ingredients we add a little ground semolina to spread the mixture, the mother yeast, 120 gr, water (35 grams at 25 degrees, approximately), 3 teaspoons of oil and two teaspoons of milk, useful for making Wholemeal bread with mother yeast softer still. Salt, inevitable, with 2 spoons and then you can choose whether to add sugar, maximum three teaspoons, or honey, in my opinion much tastier. But, in fact, de gustobus ...

Wholemeal bread with mother yeast: video recipe

All that remains is to roll up our sleeves and dedicate ourselves to preparing the Wholemeal bread with mother yeast. I don't like to say "get to work" in this case, because for what is my experience, baking more than any other activity related to cooking reveals itself particularly relaxing and satisfying. With the help of this video, there will be no anxiety about not knowing where to put your hands.

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