Jamthund: character and breeding

Jamthund: character and breeding

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Jamthund, an almost unknown dog, in Italy given as N.P., not received except in photograph, or almost. It is a beautiful animal with a muzzle and fur that resemble the northern Europe, in fact I am not surprised that the breed is originally from Sweden. It belongs to the group of spitz-type and primitive-type dogs and has always been mainly used for moose hunting, or in the past, to hunt bears and lynxes. It explains why it does not come to us: it would only enlarge the unemployed fraction of our country, despite being a living being very robust and capable of great resistance.

Jamthund: origins

This Swedish breed it was officially recognized in 1946, only so recently even if it is a very ancient breed, one of the oldest on the continent. The Jamthund it is known to have been there since the first human settlements arrived in Sweden and settled in that cold land.

It took so long not out of dislike for him but for the fact that he is Jamthund and the smallest Elghund Norwegian, they were considered as a single breed: when coexistence was unsustainable, our Swedish dog gained its independence.

Jamthund: puppies

Despite being puppies, the little ones of Jamthund they are always big Spitz, have a rectangular constitution characterized by clean lines, a strong and at the same time agile physique, not too long, nor too heavy, just for the tasks they perform related to hunting.

As adults, the puppies of Jamthund they reach a good stature, at the withers they reach 61cm, the males, the females to 56 which is not however a mediocre level. Although powerful the trunk of the Jamthund it has an elegant appearance as well as the back, straight and slightly sloping. Seen from above or in profile, the skull of this dog must not be pointed but truncated, but the head is rather long, especially between the ears, a little rounded and with a clear stop.

This Swedish hunting dog he has an alert but calm expression, very northerly, his eyes have the typical slightly oval shape and are brown in color. The ears, set high, are pointed and straight, move quite often, longer than wide, particular in their having a lot of hair also on the inside, presumably due to the climate that it is Jamthund he must face when hunting in his North.

It goes around with an energetic and free pace, whether there is snow or not, with wide strides, stepping forward with slightly oval-shaped feet, directed straight forward, both front and rear. The tail is not very long, has a uniform thickness and high part from the body, it is carried rolled up but not to form the classic curl of other breeds. The hair on the tail is thick but without fringes, in general Jamthund wears it short on the head and front of the limbs, longer on the neck, chest, thighs, back of the limbs. In addition to the queue, as we have said.

The coat consists of a top coat, lying down but not flattened, and a short, light-colored undercoat, very thick with a cream tone. The colors allowed by the standard of this breed go from light gray to darker gray, not necessarily solid color, because on the sides of the muzzle and on the cheeks, chinstrap, abdomen and limbs, spots may appear always gray but lighter, or cream: strong resemblance to the wolf.

Jamthund: character

The Jamthund character it has not reached almost as much as the breed itself in Italy, but we can venture that it is a courageous and full of energy dog. Let's not imagine a restless and annoying animal, one of those overflowing of the will to live and interact to become unbearable, so to speak. This Nordic race stands on its own, is very calm and appears almost impassive.

Jamthund: farms

In Italy there are no farms that keep this breed, the ENCI site does not indicate any as well as reports "zero" specimens officially present in the area. It's a dog still very niche, certainly there are farms to the north, in Sweden and in Scandinavian peninsula, but before moving on, let's ask ourselves if it is appropriate to let such a dog live in the land of the sun. Rather than asking you, it should be asked of those who breed it and are well aware of the needs of the breed.

Jamthund: price

The price of the Jamthund it is difficult to know, easier to indicate i instead more recurring defects, according to the breed standard. Among these we find an uninterrupted white stripe from the chinstrap to the tip of the sternum, prominent eyes, any defects of the dentition, an incorrect gait, the insufficient musculature, rickets and a weak rear end.

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