Growing avocados in Italy

Growing avocados in Italy

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Growing avocados in Italy. Avocado, cultivation and advice on varieties from cultivate in Italy. From the possibility of developing seedlings from seed to planting the most suitable varieties.

In the articleGrow the avocado, I showed you how to start aavocado cultivation amateur, starting from the seed and above all I showed you the photo of my vigorous and strong plant. The avocado plant that I grow in the garden bears fruit annually, giving me a large number of fruits. In this article we will continue to talk about thecultivationof avocados (or "avocados" as many say ...) and we will do it by analyzing the varieties best suited to our climate and the stages of starting a cultivation of avocados in Italy.

Avocado, the most suitable varieties for cultivation in Italy

Advice on how to grow avocados in Italy, in our climate.

The varieties ofavocadomost suitable for crops in our country are different, among these, the most productive are:

  • Fuerte
    It is harvested from mid-November to February. Tackle more productive vintages and more economical vintages.
  • Bacon
    It is harvested between November and December, like most varieties, this too will develop less accessible fruits. Very resistant to cold.
  • Hass
    It is harvested from February until late July. The pulp is popular for its high quality, it has an even more intense flavor. It does not tolerate frosts well.
  • Ettinger
    The harvest period runs from mid-October to late December.
  • Reed
    It is harvested from May to August. It has a more rounded shape and its owncultivationit is to be avoided in the windiest places.
  • Pinkerton
    it is harvested in winter, between the months of January and February. Its productivity is high and constant in every vintage.
  • Zutano

Growing avocados in Italy

Who wants to grow avocados for commercial purposes, will have to establish the so-calledplant layout, that is, the space necessary for the plant to develop at its best.

Who wantsgrow avocadoin your home garden, you can choose a very generous layout, leaving the plant a lot of space. For aavocadetoprofessional, therefore for avocado cropscommercial, you can choose between a sixth plant:

  • 6 x 6
    6 meters between one plant and another and 6 meters between one row and another
  • 6 x 8
    6 meters between one plant and another and 8 meters between one row and another
  • 8 x 8
    8 meters between one plant and another and 8 meters between one row and another
  • dynamic plant sixth
    we start with a 4 × 4 m and arrive at 8 × 8

The sixth of the dynamic plant begins with a 4 × 4 meters in order to make the most of the soil in the first years of cultivation. When the plants are highly developed, several years after the start of thecultivation, a plant will have to be sacrificed to obtain a sixth plant equal to 8 × 8 meters.

When to grow avocados in Italy

The best time to start one avocado cultivation it falls with the end of February, therefore just before the vegetative restart of the plants. In fact, the implant, here in Italy, can take place at any time of the year as long as the cultivation occurs from plants grown in pots. The only concern is to avoid the hottest periods of the year.

Avocado cultivation in Italy: planting

Planting is done as usual: dig a hole that is at least as large as the stick of earth that houses the roots of the avocado plant. Bury the plant up to the collar (where the stem meets the roots).

In the early stages of thecultivation, especially in windy areas, it will be necessary to tie the plant to a stake. The avocado stem is very slender, so the plant must be pruned very often in the early stages of cultivation ... but it all depends on the plants purchased. If the potted avocado already has a robust and well-developed stem, pruning will not be necessary. Apart from the development phase, the avocado does not require any pruning.

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