Polish Greyhound: character and price

Polish Greyhound: character and price

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Polish Greyhound, the name already says a lot about this dog, the group it belongs to and its origin, but let's not be fooled by the wording. We are not facing the classic greyhound, this breed from Poland knows how to distinguish itself. How, we'll see.

It was born and raised to be used in hunting activities, in some countries it still is, but not here in Italy. The hunting with Greyhounds, these dogs are seen and appreciated only as pets, or as subjects to be exhibited in dog shows.

Polish Greyhound: origins

Specialized in hunting hare, fox, goat and bustard, this breed in its career has also been used against the wolf, always and in any case in the same sector. In action it has often been portrayed and described since the thirteenth century and thanks to this official documentation, today it is exactly as it was when it was selected and wanted by the Poles.

On its origins, the most accredited hypothesis is that it descends from the Asian Greyhounds of the type "Saluki", this is almost certain even if its name in English leads us to think of another breed. In fact translated, Polish Greyhound sounds like Polish Greyhound, but there is no real connection between the two dogs on paper and in reality.

The Polish Greyhound was selected when Poland was the Kingdom of Poland, in the thirteenth century, crossing other dogs from Persia together with traders who brought various types of goods from the East to the lands of central Europe, along the Sarmatic lowland. If you want to be specific, the first traces of the Polish Greyhound are still earlier, they are already in Gesta principum Polonorum of the twelfth century, but to read about him at the time, it seems we are talking about that of modern times.

Polish Greyhound: character

Already from the step and the look, it is immediately clear to us that we are facing an extremely confident dog. It is not a characteristic that varies from specimen to specimen, but appears rather typical of the breed although obviously every Polish Greyhound it will have its degree of determination. Of course, he is medium tall in this breed which often comes to be stubborn. Also annoyingly stubborn, especially if kept in an apartment, a place where the minimum rules of coexistence must be respected, both by the four legs and by the bipeds.

It cannot be said that the Polish Greyhound is very sociable, it is considered a pet dog but rather suitable for the reserved types since he is primarily. When he is at ease, in the small family nucleus, then he is finally very friendly, even very sweet, not to mention the availability which surprisingly shows off in the company of children. Bear their unwitting spite without losing patience.

In the field, when it is used in hunting, determination turns into grit and in an enviable resistance: the Polish Greyhound when it chases its prey it is cunning and does not give up, agile and reactive, difficult to fool.

Polish Greyhound: height

The Polish Greyhound can reach up to 80 cm in height at the withers, if male: the standard indicates measures from 70 to 80, while for females from 68 to 75 cm. He always remains a very tall dog, undoubtedly to be included in the category of large ones, those that best express theiridea of ​​power and strength, without the slightest aggression towards people.

The general appearance of dogs of this breed is very similar to that of Greyhounds from which it derives, the Asian ones, for which they are neither heavy nor lymphatic but solid and strong. They are therefore very different from the others Short-haired greyhounds, but morphologically they remain belonging to the Graioid type.

Polish Greyhound: weight

Although so high, since it is not heavy, the Polish Greyhound weighs about 30 kg, not much more, but never under 27. It is quite solid and structured to be a greyhound, but these are not figures to compare with other types of dogs such as cattle dogs, of a completely different constitution.

The trunk is powerful and with excellent musculature, the neck follows these proportions and fits harmoniously as well as the limbs, straight and firm. The Polish Greyhound is a dog with a very fast gallop gait, certainly thanks to very developed musculature, from the nose to the tail, long and thick at the base, then more and more fine.

If the body is not typical of a greyhound, the muzzle is indeed long, with the head wide between the ears and a dark nose. The jaws are strong and the ears, very narrow, appear to be quite fleshy. When a Polish Greyhound is in action, they stand up and are sometimes pointed forward.

The eyes of this dog are particularly lively, fromalert and intelligent expression. They can be of various colors, depending on the color of the coat, but usually the most popular are the darkest. The shape is always almond-shaped, di remarkable size.

Polish Greyhound: breeding

In Italy the specimens of Polish Greyhound There are not many registered with the ENCI and seem to decrease from year to year: currently the site indicates a dozen in total. It is therefore easy to imagine that farms are also in short supply. The only one indicated by ENCI is the one located in the Marche, in the province of Ancona: it is called Highwind.

Polish Greyhound: puppies

The puppies of Polish Greyhound as well as the adults, they have a rather elastic but at the same time very hard hair. To the touch they are not like "wire", but we certainly cannot speak of a pleasantly silky coat. All colors are allowed by the breed standard which, like more recurring defects, also indicates incorrect gait, badly worn or too short tail, depigmentation, oversized measurements, insufficient musculature and poorly worn ears.

Polish Greyhound: price

A puppy of Polish Greyhound it can cost around a thousand euros, but to be sure you have an updated price, it is better to contact directly the breeding certified by ENCI and indicated above by me. Said at home, in both homeland, Chart polski, the Polish Greyhound is a dog with great speed and good if not excellent resistance, suitable for hunting fast animals and racing in dog tracks. It is certainly not the first breed to think about if you want a companion dog, even if it is very sweet that it is described.

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