Wooden houses: models and prices

Wooden houses: models and prices

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Wooden houses, from the garden, who has never dreamed of them? And if we have a garden, we just have to build one or buy it. Or buy a kit to build it. There is no shortage of options and even models and ideas, we just have to explore the many opportunities to choose the best. We don't think it's just a childhood dream now remained unfulfilled. Yes, there are wooden houses for children, but not only.

Garden wooden houses

The Wooden houses they are more common than we think, obviously among those who have a green space to furnish as they like. One of the most common uses, even if one of the least "poetic" and evocative, of these structures, is that of shelter for tools. On the need for wooden houses to contain objects that would remain scattered throughout the lawn or, at best, stacked in a corner, there is no question.

It's a a matter of order and also of security, especially if we are distracted, if we are parents of small children or owners of restless and curious animals. It is true that sometimes these structures can be expensive but there are many offers on the market and a good compromise can be found. When choosing it is necessary to pay close attention to the material, safety and tightness of the roof, also with regard to humidity and rain, and size.

It seems a superfluous recommendation, that of size, but it often happens that either you go too far, placing a structure in the garden that steals space, resulting half-empty. Or it also happens that you think you have less tools than expected or that you are more tidy, and then you no longer give yourself how to cram everything into wooden houses as large as dog beds. Better to make a template of the size of the house we want, movie style "Dogville", to try to better imagine what we are buying.

Habitable wooden houses

If at all costs we are not willing to give up our dream of having wooden houses in the garden, which we have been cultivating for 30 or 40 years, we can achieve this by looking for a habitable structure. If we have a large enough garden and without too many trees that clutter at height wooden houses, nothing prevents us from decorating the green with a small green home.

Country or modern style, light, bright, or dark wood, more of a grotesque fairytale: the choice is wide. Also in this case it is important that it does not rain on our heads: if we are choosing among many habitable wooden houses, this must be one of the first things to check. In the DIY, we check well and if necessary we ask some friends or experts, or consult a specialized site with trusted references, to help us. For the rest, one of yours that the structure remains standing, we can indulge ourselves with decorations and curtains, furniture and doormat.

Wooden houses for children

If we have a garden and a child, a rather classic request is that of wooden houses. “A room all to yourself”, but in the green, a sort of annex. Why not? If we have had it, we too know how important and fun it is, if we have not had it, we intuit that it could be very fun. And nothing excludes that the child in question, whether it is a nephew, a son or the son of friends, may host us for a few hours.

Build wooden houses for children if we are practical in DIY it can be a lot of fun, including the design phase that becomes collaborative with the future resident. Of course, the imaginative architecture will have to be limited toAlvar Aaalto that I will have the young dreamer in mind, but we can always give him a roof or a little bizarre door.

If, on the other hand, we don't know how to work with boards, nails and hammer, better opt for wooden houses to buy. The options are not lacking, well looking even online are found green structures, with certificates that testify the validity of the product.

Wooden houses: prices

Returning to the world of adults, let's take a look at the prices of wooden tool sheds that run on the market, online, with an eye to price but also to aesthetics and functionality. At 850 euros we can get it wooden houses interlocking beads, in Natural fir, equipped with double door with Plexiglas windows, interlocking roof with tar paper (dimensions: thickness 18 mm, external dimensions 238X238 cm, internal dimensions 216X216 cm, dimensions with roof overhangs 260X260 cm, height at the top cm. 227, Height at the side cm. 184).

Always for the tools but at double price, larger and more structured wooden houses, even with a side portico. A real luxury, other than tools! The dimensions allow an almost habitability or rather, you can turn around well (Thickness 19 mm, Dim. 255X245, Dim. 251X241, Height at the top cm. 205 Height at the side cm. 188).

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