Pergola, permits and regulations

Pergola, permits and regulations

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Pergola, permitsand regulations: when municipal permits are needed for the construction of a pergola on the terrace or at the entrance to the house.

When you want to make apergolaon the balcony, on the terrace or in the garden, we talk aboutmunicipal permitsbecause every municipal building regulation has adopted oneown definitionof the building concept ofpergola. Usually, apergolait is a roof without side openings and made up of four or more beams resting on the ground. It is precisely based on the technical characteristics of the beams that apergolanecessity ofmunicipal permits.

Pergola, required permits

If thepergolarests on the ground with columns or other fixed structures, then they will be neededpermissionsconstructive. The pergola stably tied or anchored to the ground requires permits because its technical nature contributes to the calculation of the accessory surface. In addition, sometimes the PVC roll-up membranes are similar to building envelopes so much that they require the urbanization costs.

In summary:
thepermission to build the pergolait is only necessary when the work is made up of pillars anchored to the ground and large wooden beams to accommodate a roof that is not easily removable.

The absence or presence of cement works can make the difference in requesting thebuilding permit, however, they are not the only parameter: even if thepergolait is made with wooden poles fixed to the ground there could be the details for the request for municipal permits. A wooden pergola does not require building permits only if it is intended to shade surfaces of modest dimensions.

The awning-pergola or the gazebo

To obviate the regulations in force in the urban planning field, the building sector offers very stable removable solutions. The classic gazebo is a good solution to shade a surface and, if necessary, shelter from the rain, it does not require permits and there are robust models that can withstand the most stubborn wind.

As an alternative to the gazebo there is thepergotenda, also called awning-pergola; it's about aroof structurerobust that must not be permanently anchored to the floor and therefore does not constitute the details of an intervention subject to the issue of building permit.

The pergola awning is a light and removable structure, made up of elements in metal or wood; like the classic pergola, the pergotenda can also be covered with a rigid or retractable cloth, mats in reeds, bamboo, PVC or other material that does not require masonry or closed walls.

Thegazeboas well as thepergotendaare structures classified as furnishing accessories thanks to their completeremovability.

Pergola without municipal permits

The Regional Administrative Court of Campania, Naples Office, Section VII, with sentence no. 3972 of 29 July 2013, reiterated that if thepergolais composed of a light structure easily removable and without foundations, no building permit is required.

According to the T.A.R. Trento Trentino Alto Adige, with sect. I, 21 November 2012, n. 342, "If the pergola is made up of a light structure that is easily removable because it lacks foundations and is intended for shelter and / or shading of surfaces of modest size, the building permit is not required, but it is necessary where the work consists of pillars anchored to the ground and large wooden beams in order to make it solid and robust and not easily removable ".

The speech is very similar to what has already been described in the page dedicated topermits to build a porch or canopy, we remember that, unlike the pergola, a porch it is always given by vertical uprights connected to each other but this time the support is intended for a fixed cover and the uprights themselves are fixed, thereforecanopies and pergolasthey need building permits.

For the pergola, even if fixed, sometimes theDIAo communication of the commencement of works but it is always advisable to inquire at the technical office of the Town Hall.

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