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Boarding for dogs

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Boarding for dogs, essential to avoid summer abandonments and to leave peacefully towards destinations that, for one reason or another, do not provide the opportunity to bring our trusty four-legged friend with us. The dog boarding they can also serve in times when we find ourselves in conditions that prevent us from being able to care for them properly. It is necessary to identify a structure you can trust, close to home, but above all close to our sensitivity as animal owners.

Dog boarding: what it is

The dog boarding they are structures often managed by professionals and true dog lovers, they host these animals for variable periods, but not forever, taking care of all their needs in order to return them to us in perfect shape. So at least it should be, whether it's huge structures, or smaller and more homely. Here are some indications to select among the many Boarding for dogs existing today, what it can do for us. And for him, our furry friend.

In addition to contacting le Boarding for dogs to find out about costs, services and availability for the chosen period, it is better to visit them personally to check their hygienic conditions, reliability and professionalism. And that at least the minimum requirements are respected to ensure our animal does not say a 5-star stay, but of good quality.

For example, it is essential that i box for dogs they are spacious and clean, with an "outdoor" part and the other covered, and then you need green areas to play and run. The Boarding for dogs they should also inform you about the frequency and methods of cleaning, nutrition, daily schedules and 24-hour assistance.

To avoid the trauma of moving house, even if temporary, there are those who prefer there to be a adaptation period, insertion, such as infants in kindergarten. Many Boarding for dogs they provide for it, but if ours doesn't want to break away from their kennel, there is an alternative. The Homemade dog boarding, namely a kind of dog sitter at home for the entire period of our absence.

Of course the cost goes up because it would close you to deal with daily strolls, food and any treatments. There are also dog sitters who move home to be with the dog 24 hours on 24, or others who bring the animal into their home to better care for it.

Dog boarding in Rome

We leave the capital to explore these structures for our four-legged friends. There is no shortage of them in Rome, even if most of them are located in northern Italy. There is the Moonlight Beagle in Fiumicino, which offers 24-hour custody with the possibility of delivery boxes and leg service. Recognized by ENCI there is the Pension and Breeding Of my free song in Palestrina, inserted in the green of the "delle Colonnelle" valley, with personalized feeding, grooming, heating and 24h storage.

A third, but they are just examples of many Boarding for dogs for Roman dog owners, it is Bull the Boss, in Palombara Sabina. This structure in addition to the standard services also offers that of home boarding that we explained earlier. Good to know if our puppy does not come off the sofa.

Dog boarding in Milan

Very close to Milan we find one Boarding for dogs with a beautiful space and an accurate and very loving service, it is called Little Dog, is in Lainate and also welcomes cats, as often happens in a structure of this type. In the city, even to leave your dog on an unexpected afternoon of work, there is Pet's Play !, on the Naviglio Pavese, and to also offer transport and taxi for dogs, we always find in Milan Call pluto, in via degli Etruschi. Milan and its hinterland is perhaps one of the most intensely served areas in Italy Boarding for dogs as of specialized shops. Even luxury.

Dog boarding in Turin

Among the dog pensions in Turin, the Turin Doggie of Corso Vercelli it also offers a living room without bars, as interesting as those of other structures around the Savoyard city. Ambrodog for example, in Giaveno, there is no shortage of personalized power supply, staggering, heating and boxes of all kinds with 24h housing, similarly the Saporito House in Givoletto and Kennel Bernerdok's Aunts in Cumiana.

Dog boarding in Naples

A boarding house for dogs among the one in the city, in Naples, with complete and well-reviewed service, is that of Del Vecchio Pontile, in via Napoli, while the Puppy is located in Santa Anastasia and is a place where animals are not only looked after but loved from the bottom of the heart, 24h. Returning to Naples, for a breeding that also does service like the others Dog pensions: Animal land, in via Argine.

Dog boarding in Florence

In Tuscany, a Florence as elsewhere, in a land where there are numerous breeding of rare and non-rare breeds, in a land that loves four legs very much, adequate facilities for their temporary stay. There Poggio Petroio Guest House is certified by ENCI, is located in Rufina, 20 km from Florence and has also been a breeding farm for over 30 years. Breeding and retirement, but in Florence, in via dell’Aergin Rosso, the Gherdovich House offers accommodation and welcomes the abandoned, raises Beagles and keeps everyone as much as possible free in the green hills Florentine.

Dog boarding: prices

In all the cities we visited, dog boarding for dog boarding, and in the others not mentioned but which do not fail to host equally adequate structures, there is an offer that was impossible to report here, item by item. What I recommend after this roundup is to look online at what's near our residence, also contacting our trusted veterinarian who can advise us Dog pensions suitable for ours and that maybe he knows personally.

We come to the prices, because it is right not to save too much for our dog friend, but not even to spend for him, more than for our family, during the holiday period that we want to grant ourselves. The rates of Boarding for dogs they change according to the structure, the staff present and the activities practiced but also from area to area and from month to month.

That's not all: large dogs and small dogs do not always pay the same amount, on average, however, they spend 15 euros per day and it is difficult to go below 10. If we choose 4 or 5 star dog pensions, or particular extra services, it is easy to find ourselves faced with rates of 18-20 euros per day, if we then aim at the structures from Dog Vip, let's get ready to pay 40 euros per day including the grooming every day and other similar services.

Luxury dog ​​pensions

As for us humans, even for dogs there is the possibility of treating themselves to luxury stays, so here are the 5-star dog pensions and more Also in this case most of them are in the North but well looking, they can be found almost everywhere.

Near Milan, in Vignate, there is the Russian guesthouse, with forty years of experience, offering veterinary assistance, insulated boxes and therefore fresh, large enclosures in the green for walking and recreation. There is near Cremona Scodinzolandia, on the Castelleonese state road, a real 5-star pension, with 9 thousand square meters of greenery and three swimming pools, pond, large lawns even in the shade and 4m x 8m individual boxes, obviously cool in summer. Veterinary assistance provided in an on-site clinic with an adjoining rehabilitation center and ambulance transport service seven days a week cannot be missing.

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