Night sweats, natural remedies

Night sweats, natural remedies

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Night sweats, natural remedies: solutions to reduce night sweat episodes without the use of drugs and in a natural way. Causes and useful information.

With the summer, episodes of night sweating increase a lot, however many people have this problem even during the cooler seasons. Let's find out in this article what are the probable causes and i natural remedies against the phenomena of night sweats. Another phenomenon linked to sweat is the perspiration

Night sweats, causes

Night sweats induced by high temperatures

Night sweats can be linked to several causes. First of all at high temperatures. Living in a particularly hot environment, perhaps even with a high percentage of humidity, will trigger a defense mechanism in your body that causes sweating. In fact, if the human body reaches too high temperatures, it will try in every way to defend itself, bringing the body temperature to acceptable levels through the process of sweating.

Night sweats: hormonal imbalances and health problems

Another cause that can generate episodes of night sweats is represented by hormonal imbalances. In fact, women in menopause or pregnant, due to hormonal disruption can run into such problems. Some medications or medical treatments can also cause problems with night sweats. If the cause of your night sweats is unknown and the problem has been occurring for some time, it would be good to see a doctor.

Night sweats induced by anxiety

Many people, on the other hand, suffer from night sweats because they are experiencing moments of profound restlessness, of anxiety. In fact, the body reacts to emotional states in different ways, sometimes sweating during the night.

Night sweats, natural remedies

Although not necessarily linked to health problems, night sweats are a very annoying problem that can cause disturbances during sleep (often you wake up due to excessive sweating) and on waking up (you wake up sore and soaked in sweat. ). Here is a series of natural remedies useful against night sweats.

Green clay bath

L'ventilated green clay powder has absorbent and astringent properties very useful for reducing night sweating phenomena. You can buy it in herbalist's or shops specializing in natural products. Just dissolve a cup of clay in lukewarm water from the bathtub. After a bath of at least 15 minutes, remove the clay residues with warm water and a neutral soap.

Alternatively, you can apply the green clay powder directly to the skin. The ideal would be to apply it under the arms or in "critical points" such as in the groin and between the toes. Wear terrycloth socks or shorts so as not to let all the clay slip between the sheets.

Marseille soap

Natural Marseille soap washes or sulfur cleansers can help keep skin fresher and drier. Also use them in the shower, your skin will thank you!

Junglan Direction

The junglan regia is a plant that was born in Asia, better known in Italy as the "white walnut". This plant, frequently used in homeopathy, has numerous purifying, fungicidal, antibacterial and stringent properties. For this reason it is very useful to counteract the phenomena of night sweating (but also daytime!).
Just dilute some white walnut oil in water and drink it a couple of times a day. For every 10 kg of body weight approximately 5 drops of oil diluted in a glass of water are required. You can find junglan regia oil from your trusted homeopath or herbalist.

Warning: despite being natural remedies it is always good to avoid taking drugs during these treatments. In case of undesirable effects stop the treatment and contact your doctor.

Sage infusion

Sage has truly exceptional medicinal properties that can also be useful to combat night sweats. The peculiarity of sage is that it is able to inhibit the terminals of the sweat glands; in this way excessive sweating is reduced.
Boil about 8 sage leaves in boiling water, let cool and drink in the evening before going to bed.

As an alternative (or in addition) to the sage infusion, you can also use the essential oil. A nice warm bath in which you have dissolved a few drops of sage oil helps to reduce excess sweating during the night.


A varied, balanced diet rich in fruit and vegetables helps the body to feel good. Therefore avoiding too heavy foods (such as cheeses, red meats, chips, sweets, carbonated drinks) can help you limit night sweats and sleep better.

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