Decorate clay pots

Decorate clay pots

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Decorate clay pots: decoration of terracotta pots with the decoupage technique, stencil technique, with fabric or with paint. Lots of DIY and creative recycling works for decorate clay pots.

In the photo above we see a terracotta vase in full working with the decoupage technique. Decoupage is very useful for decorating vases of any material, from glass to terracotta!

Theredecorationof the terracotta potshown in the photo was very simple: the vase was painted with a white acrylic primer. It is important, before continuing with the application of other layers of paint or decorative decoupage papers, to wait for the complete drying times. Once the white acrylic base has been passed, it is possible to take advantage of the effect of special transparent paints (opacifying, vitrifying, cracking ...), with the vase in the photo we used a paint to "antiquate" the vase. The black border can be obtained, with precision, by gluing adhesive paper tape along the edge of the vase. Once the terracotta pot has been painted, it will be possible to continue with the decoupage technique!

For paint terracotta pots use flat-tipped brushes, given the circular shape of the vase, a flat-tipped brush will be more comfortable for spreading the paint and even the vinyl glue for decoupage!

Decorating clay pots with decoupage

Having prepared the bottom of the vase as described in the introduction, we can start the decoration with the decoupage technique.

If the decoupage paper you have chosen will go tocoatthe wholeclay pot, we also recommend that you apply a coat of water-based paint (acrylic paint) as a base.

There are decoupage papers of every motif and fantasy on the market. In our work ofcreative recyclingwe have chosen a floral motif, you can choose the decoration you like best and carve it. On Amazon you can find modern, classic decoupage papers, with abstract or youthful tones. A very pretty decoupage paper is shown in the photo below! For all information on Amazon offers, please refer to the page:Decoupage Papers on Amazon.

To continue with theterracotta pot decoration, cut out the paper figure, place it in a plate containing cold water. In a glass, dilute some vinyl glue with a little water and mix well. Place the paper figure on the vase and choose the best position. With a flat-tip brush, brush the solution containing water and vinyl glue onto your decoupage paper figure.

Finally, varnish with classic transparent paint or special transparent paints (vitrifying, opacifying ...) according to your preferences. The final paint layer is needed not only to make theclay potbrilliant, especially to protect the decorations and make the entire work resistant to water and long-lasting.

Decorate clay pots with the fabric

As stated, it is possiblelining clay potswith fabric as well as with paper. The procedure to follow is not very different from that described for decoupage. In the case of the fabric, the fabric must be taut to the vase, so pull well when you spread it out during the coating. It is not necessary to carry out a work of preparation of the support (you do not have to paint the vase). The cloth can be used forcover the vaseusing special glues for fabrics, hot glue or the same vinyl glue diluted in water. As with decoupage papers, also in this case you can choose motifs and patterns of your choice. In the photo below, we havecoatedtwoearthenware jarstaking advantage of old kitchen aprons.

Decorate terracotta pots with stencils

The stencil technique is very useful for those who love painting but not also the practicality and speed of the molds! For all instructions, please refer to the article dedicated to decoration with stencil.

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