How to plant lemon seeds

How to plant lemon seeds

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How to plant lemon seeds: here is the step by step procedure to grow a lemon plant at home starting from the seed.

Not everyone knows that it is possible to grow a lemon tree indoors on a par with any other type of plant. Therefore, if you have a small terrace or a balcony you can try your hand at growing lemons; it will be easier to always have these precious fruits that are so good for our health at hand. Generally, cutting is used for the propagation of these citrus fruits; it is simpler and the fruits grow in less time. However, cuttings do not always take root!

On the contrary, growing a lemon tree from its seeds can be a very rewarding experience even if it takes 3 to 6 years to get fruit. On this page we will show you how to grow a lemon plant at home from seeds. This operation does not require particular cultural care; the seeds can be planted in pots and then transplanted into the garden.

How to plant lemon seeds, what we need

-A large pot: get a pot with holes for water drainage: lemons prefer wider spaces rather than deeper ones, so opt for a fairly large pot.

-Organic soil: prefer a blend of peat, perlite, vermiculite and organic fertilizer

- Expanded clay

-Natural fertilizer

-1 organic lemon: to obtain a good result it is good to get a pesticide-free lemon. Non-organic lemons are often sterile and give poor results. Those who do not have enough space or live in a region with an unfavorable climate, can grow the variety of lemon called meyer; it is a smaller plant.

How to plant lemon seeds, the procedure

1) Pour a handful of expanded clay into the pot then pour the soil and moisten with a little water

2) Add more soil, leaving a couple of inches from the edge.

3) Cut the lemon in half, extract one of its seeds: leave the seed moist so that it can germinate.

4) Dig a hole a couple of centimeters deep in the earth, place the lemon seed and cover with soil

5) Wet the ground a little more with a nebulizer.

6) Cover the jar with breathable plastic, in order to conserve moisture and retain heat: you can use film or a transparent bag on which you have made some holes.

7) Place the vase in a warm place where it can receive maximum sunlight.

8) Once this is done, you just have to check that the soil is always kept moist, taking care to avoid stagnation of water, otherwise the seeds could mold.

9) After about two or three weeks, the lemon sprouts will begin to appear, at this point, remove the plastic cover, to make them breathe better.

10) Take care of the plant every day, protecting it from parasites and adding, from time to time, a good dose of organic fertilizer to nourish it.

11) When it has reached a decent height, plant the seedling in the garden and continue tending it. It may happen that the chosen seed, in the end, does not sprout, for this reason, it is preferable to sow several. You will have a better chance of getting a beautiful plant.

12) After two or three weeks, you will begin to see the sprout come out of the earth. At this time you need to remove the plastic and place the seedling in direct sunlight. Excess heat or humidity can cause the seeds to rot, so it is good to make sure to balance these two elements.

Remember to take care of your plant every day by providing it with water, sunlight and organic fertilizer.

Important recommendation: lemons need a lot of light, especially as soon as they have sprouted. If you decide to plant them in pots, place them in a place where they can receive a good daily amount of sunshine.

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