Aloe Arborescens: properties and where to buy it

Aloe Arborescens: properties and where to buy it

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Aloe Arborescens, from the name it seems a younger sister ofAloe Vera, better known and advertised, but its properties are by no means to be minimized, indeed, it is good to discover them and exploit them for our well-being. Its gel, above all, is precious and ensures multiple benefits which I will tell you about below.

Aloe Arborescens: origins

Belonging to the family of his namesake "Vera", theAloe Arborescens it does not have the same fame ago it is a plant known since ancient times for the benefits it can give us. Even Christopher Columbus, engaged in travels and adventures, he never forgot to praise its great healing powers trying to spread the word about how much we his posterity could benefit from it. Let's see what he handed down to us.

Aloe Arborescens: properties and benefits

L'Aloe Arborescens it has always been used to relieve skin disorders, for example it is applied on sunburn or in case of eczema. In general it is one of the plants recommended for various skin problems, associated with other products or alone. Furthermore, taken by mouth, it results in a excellent purifying remedy, much appreciated even today, as it is for his anti-inflammatory power.

Aloe Arborescens: cultivation

Looking closely atAloe Arborescens has a great advantage over theAloe Vera, by no means negligible: the quantity of active ingredients is very high and more concentrated.

Easily grown and processed Also in Italy, the products that derive from it and are then marketed, are fresh and are prepared on the spot so they manage best to keepexcellent nutritional qualities. There is no comparison with similar remedies toAloe Arborescens imported from outside and industrially produced.

Aloe Arborescens: gel

We mentioned thegel extraction, of this plant, but let's see better what it is for. First of all it is contained in the leaves ofAloe Arborescens and appears to have a moisturizing, nourishing, soothing and healing power. That's not all: this substance is rich in antioxidant active ingredients, very useful in skin care.

Compared toother varieties of Aloe, the one today protagonist, has long and thin leaves and the quantity of extracted gel is lower but the quality is unmatched: the concentration of active ingredients is much higher. Thegel extracted from our Arborescens excels when it comes to stimulating the growth of fibroblasts, it also facilitates the synthesis of collagen. On a practical level, these processes improve our skin and that is why theAloe Arborescens it is widely used for the production of cosmetics.

The gel ofAloe Arborescens it also has the effect of detoxifying us if taken orally: all the benefits are amplified if the products we use originate from certified organic plants, strictly produced in Italy, in Sicily, like those with which Aloeshop produces its preparations.

Aloe Arborescens: where to buy it

With the certainty that these are made in Italy products, complete with certification as food supplements by the Ministry of Health, we can range in the offer of products based on Aloe Arborescens in the site AloeShop. Not a random site, not the one that decides the search engine on duty but one of the few realities that strictly uses the original recipe of Father Romano Zago.

If the name does not sound familiar to us, very understandably, just know that it is the Brazilian missionary who has dedicated years of his life to deepen theknowledge of the properties ofaloe arborescens, writing essays and books on the subject: the most complete and comprehensive one can be purchased on the AloeShop website.

Another peculiarity with whichAloeShop guarantees the quality of its products, is the packaging: the packages are made of glass covered by a paper wrapper and then placed in a box thatprotects from light. Thus the active ingredients ofAloe Arborescens they arrive "intact".

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