Beagle Harrier: character and price

Beagle Harrier: character and price

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Beagle Harrier a breed of dogs for a blood track, therefore for hunting, surprisingly of French origin, although theoretically it results from the crossing of two English breeds. Obviously I'm talking about the Beagle and ofHarrier. Less obviously I will explain why it happened. It wasn't theft, I say, and the official breed standard proves it. He published it there International Cynological Federation in 1974.

Beagle Harrier: origin

Ever satisfied, hunting enthusiasts and dog enthusiasts - let alone hunting dog enthusiasts - have already tried to cross two breeds like the "English Beagle" and the "Harrier" to get the ideal dog. The "Beagle" didn't quite convince them, what they wanted was a Beagle Harrier. But they didn't know it yet, and this dog didn't exist. The idea was to create a breed with a larger size but which maintained the necessary characteristics to accompany them on the hunt.

To have this obsession with perfecting the Beagle it wasn't that of the British they successfully hunt hare with the Beagles and Harriers, without expecting a different dog, but the French. It was then with them that they began to cross races to get to the "intermediate" one.

After a series of failures, it was the Baron Gérard Grandin de l’Eprevier to identify and fix the characters of the Beagle Harrier. He is also remembered as the first breeder to use a whole pack of Beagle Harrier, as well as creator of the breed even if illustrious French dog lovers participated in the long selection, including Paul Daubigné. Widespread in France, the Beagle Harrier it has not yet found much space elsewhere, even in Italy it is not very present, although it is enough climb over the Alps to reach us.

Beagle Harrier: puppies

The puppies of Beagle Harrier are very similar to those of the Beagle, then we will try to point out the differences between the two. Since size is one of them, it goes without saying that as puppies it doesn't help us. The size of this "intermediate" breed is medium size, with a height at the withers ranging from 43 to 48 cm: the female specimens are slightly smaller. Morphologically it is a dog of braccoid type, with a harmonious and well balanced physique.

It appears light and elegant but at the same time solid, energetic, agile and vigorous. From top to bottom, from muzzle to tail, it is a toned dog, the limbs are particularly rounded and this makes the Beagle Harrier a tireless walker. The chest is not very tight, the back short and muscular but the hips manage not to be too full.

The skull is rather wide and quite broad, compared also to the body, the muzzle has a not particularly accentuated stop and has a length equal to that of the skull. Its shape is not square but not even pointed, it can be defined sharp and ends with the Well developed black nose.

The ears, almost flat, are long and wide, with high set, the eyes transmit the liveliness typical of breeds such as the Beagle Harrier, they are wide open and dark. Moving on to the tail, of medium length, it is observed to be a little herringbone. The hair it is not too short but flat and thick, of various colors.

Beagle Harrier and Beagle: differences

Between the two dogs there are differences that are not evident but visible, as soon as you read them, they will seem obvious to you, First of all the Beagle Harrier it is larger in size but lighter than the English beagle, in fact it deserves to be included among the light hunting dogs, a category to which both English dogs from which it comes from do not belong. Another difference is in the ears: those of the Beagle are just rounded, those of theBeagle Harrier they are instead a cross between the rounded and the V shape inherited from the Harrier. As for the use of the Beagle Harrier in the hunting field, there are no differences with his ancestor, both are employed in rifle hunts, he is theHarrier which stands out because it is often followed on horseback, given its speed. Last difference to notice with the naked eye between the Beagle Harrier and the Beagle and that's it is the color of the coat.If the second is tricolor, our French, he too can generally show more or less vivid, pale or black tan markings. This Chromatic "chaos" it is due to the fact that there are gods Gray harriers, gray tricolors and white-gray and they can only leave their mark.

Beagle Harrier: character

This hunting dog,popular also in the family, it is undoubtedly an animal with an inexhaustible energy. It is an explosion of muscles and movement, almost disturbing. Certainly it is not recommended for those who love peace and dream of a dog more a nap companion than a run to the park. The Beagle Harrier it is very resistant and rustic, it adapts very well to any weather condition and any temperature, it fits in any area and on any terrain.

If we have a'Adventurous and athletic nature, we can safely welcome one of these dogs and we will find a faithful and loyal four-legged friend, of incredible intelligence and perfectly capable of understanding our commands. Initially it is a dog to "set up", immediately it must make the rules clear, but then everything will go smoothly.

Beagle Harrier: breeding

The farms indicated by the site of Enci for the Beagle Harrier in Italy there are three: in Lombardy we find one in the province of Brescia, in Piedmont we have to go close to Cuneo, while for the breeding of Beagle Harrier the Tuscan province is that of Florence. In addition to not being very widespread on its own, from the data provided by Enci there is also a decline in the breed. This has passed in the last decade from 150 to about 100 registered specimens.

Beagle Harrier: price

The price of the Beagle Harrier it is slightly superior to that of a Beagle being rarer and larger. We are therefore around 1000 euros. However, it is better to contact the farms directly to find out the availability according to the litters arriving. Another possibility is to buy a Beagle Harrier where it is a widespread breed, in France, facing the bureaucracy of the case.

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