American Shorthair cat: character, characteristics and price

American Shorthair cat: character, characteristics and price

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American Shorthair cat, a climber cat, not social, excellent, and also a great jumper, descends directly from the European cat and lives over 15 years if well cared for. What is said about its origin is that it is linked to the first American settlers, they brought some specimens in ships to hunt mice and so they landed this cat overseas.

In the Americas, the American Shorthair cat became highly appreciated among farmers and miners around the 19th century and became a widespread breed, selected from decade to decade to become huntress but also a companion.

In the exhibitions, I state, before describing it, that it is not a cat that particularly stands out, usually it is the Orientals who make a lot of prizes and awards, but in 1971 the title of "Best shorthair cat of the year in all of America " went to ours American Shorthair cat.

American Shorthair cat: characteristics

Sturdy and proportionate, not too stocky, medium to large in size,American Shorthair he is a muscular, agile and powerful animal. Its head, large and with rounded shapes, is in scale with the body, ending with a small "nose" while both the ears and the eyes are large and wide apart. The legs, in continuity with the body, are quite large without obviously being a hindrance, indeed, a strong point for the leaps that the American Shorthair cat love to do.

The coat of this breed is short, dense and thick, just what it takes to protect yourself from the cold given the areas where it was born, where the climate is often cold and humid. As for the color, all kinds of tabby cloak they are allowed but the most common is certainly the silver classic: on the very bright white or silver background, darker signs stand out, in carbon black. It's not about nuances but about very clear and appreciated drawings.

American Shorthair cat: character

In addition to being selected to hunt mice and other little-loved animals, both by navigators and by farmers, the American Shorthair cat was also created and raised as a pet. That's why he is both intelligent and sociable.

It is enough to see him for a few minutes to understand that he is a particularly awake feline and attentive to everything that happens around him, he has a highly developed instinct to hunt and wanders, explores, ventures into nature with immense pleasure. There is no danger of it disappearing, however, because it is a cat that he is very fond of his family, of children above all, so he knows how to get back and why.

Love cuddles and makes them to his masters showing him affection and fidelity. He has no problems adapting to apartment life, he does not like being too rigidly educated, but if you give him some freedom, he shows himself polite and diligent.

American Shorthair cat: breeding

Much loved in his homeland, as much as it is little known in Italy where it is difficult if not almost impossible to find a breeding that treats this breed continuously. The American Shorthair cat lives 15 years on average and has all the characteristics to be successful also in our country. It does not even need much care, being short-haired, one brush a week is enough and advances and enjoys good health thanks to the robust physique that is found.

The only precaution that a good owner can have towards him, if he is attentive and prudent, is to use pesticides if the cat has the possibility of wandering in open spaces. Or at least, it is good to check often that, turning who knows where, he does not get any diseases.

American Shorthair cat: care

The American Shorthair cat is quite rustic and unpretentious, therefore it does not require special care. As previously mentioned, to always keep the coat of an American Shorthair shiny it is sufficient to brush it once a week and then wipe it with a chamois cloth.

During the change of season it is advisable to use a brush or a glove with rubber teeth to remove dead hair. The ears should only be cleaned with specific products and if the cat has free access to the outside, a bath once in a while is recommended.

To trim the nails you can use the special scissors, paying the utmost attention and only if your cat is not able to independently keep them in order using a "scratching post" that you should always leave at his disposal.

American Shorthair cat: price

Although at the moment it is difficult to find a specimen of American Shorthair Cat, we can begin to inquire about the price of this breed, since it is a considerable investment, even for those who love cats.

With pedigree and certificates all in place, as always we must check that it is, a American Shorthair from display can also cost 1000-1500 euros, if instead we want it as an animal knows company without wanting to show it off for competition, then with 600 euros we can find beautiful cats ready to be welcomed.

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