Potted geraniums, care

Potted geraniums, care

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Potted geraniums, summer careand tips to get through the winter. Pruning and tips for growing zonal, Parisian or botanical geraniums in pots.

Potted geraniums in summer

In the summer, oursgeraniumsare found in full bloom. In mid-summer i geraniums in pots they tend to lose soil: observe the pots and move the surface soil, make a correction by adding new fertile and soft soil.

The abundant summer waterings pull away the soil, so always keep an eye on the level of the soil in the pot: it must never go below the collar! If the collar turns out and the first roots are exposed to the sun, thegeraniumit can undergo premature decay by first losing all the flowers and then desiccating.

Cultivation of zonal geraniums in pots

Zonal geraniums need to be cleaned very often! Dedicate yourself togeranium plantersevery three days or at most every week so as to allow the plant to flower vigorously. Zonal geraniums offer very abundant blooms!

Cultivation of Parisian geraniums in pots

From a cleaning point of view, Parisian geraniums require less maintenance. The Parisian geraniums areself-cleaningso you just have to clean the surface soil of the planter. Betweencareto be used for geraniums there is repotting. All the rules for repotting geraniums are available on the page:transplanting geraniums. The same rules apply both for botanical geraniums and for Parisian or zonal geraniums.

Cultivation of botanical geraniums in pots

Botanical geraniums offer rich, vigorous and highly fragrant foliage. The flowers stand out but, generally, botanical pelargoniums are chosen for the smell of the leaves and their vigorous development. If foliage tends to over-thrive, do a light onepruningsummer by cutting off a few twigs. Even if it's not the right time, cut branches can be used as a cutting to be rooted in a bag with sand and peat. The substrate of the cutting must always be kept humid until complete rooting.

Potted geraniums, watering

The blooms of geraniums can go on until late autumn. In autumn, lower the frequency of irrigation and stop fertilizing.

In summer, geraniums should be bathed every evening, after sunset. Possibly irrigated in two shifts so as to divide the water and ensure the right humidity within 24 hours. Distribute the water over the entire clod but manage the watering can in order to dose it slowly: if you irrigate too much in a fraction, you risk accumulating too much water in the saucer, pulling the nutrients out of the soil.

Potted geraniums in winter

The care to be given to geraniums in winter focuses on protecting the plants from the cold. In summer, geraniums thrive in full sun and, in winter, they cannot survive in temperatures below 3 ° C and already suffer in temperatures around 5 ° C.

Before the arrival of winter cold, remove the pots in a protected position. Place the geraniums in a very bright room where the temperature never drops below 3 ° C.

Geraniums, winter pruning

When you withdraw thepotted geraniums,it is recommended to perform apruninglightening: remove all slender branches, damaged or with dried leaves and flowers.

Those who live in southern Italy, in particularly mild areas, can keep thepotted geraniumson the balcony or in the garden, preferably in a sheltered position. To protect the geraniums from the cold, apply the easy-to-use non-woven fabric.

Pruning of geraniums in pots

Therepruninggodspotted geraniumsit must be done in the summer as a containment work, inwinterto protect the plant from the cold and in spring for plant renewal.

Therepruningspring godspotted geraniumsit is done by reducing the branches by 1/3 of the length. THEgeraniumsthey should be transferred outdoors when night temperatures do not drop below 10 ° C. Sudden changes in temperature can cause aigeraniumsa vegetative arrest that reduces blooms, for this reason, before transferring it from a sheltered environment to the outside, place the plant in environments with intermediate temperatures such as the atrium of the house or the balcony, taking care to keep it in a sheltered position.

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